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Information for Authors

This information is intended for contributors to UW Press journals. Information for book authors can be found on this page.


Article Submissions

If you are a scholar wishing to submit an article to be considered for publication, choose the appropriate journal from the list below and follow the specific instructions for that journal.


Submission Status Queries

If you would like an update on the status of your article submission, or if you have a question about the submissions process, please contact the journal’s editorial office. This information can be found on each journal’s editorial contacts page (see links below). If you have trouble locating the contact information or if you don’t receive a response, please email us at and we will assist you.


Artwork Preparation Guidelines

For information on how to prepare and submit images and figures for publication, see our Artwork Preparation Guidelines.



Open Access

The University of Wisconsin Press offers the option of Gold Open Access to articles published in its journals. This means that after an article has gone through peer review and is accepted for publication, it is eligible to be made freely available via gold open access, for a fee. The authors, or their institutions, or funding bodies, must pay an article processing fee to help defray the costs of publication. The electronic version of the article will then appear on the journal website, free for readers to access without a paywall, in perpetuity and without an embargo. All Gold OA articles are published under the CC-BY-ND-NC license, which allows sharing and access, but does not allow republication, commercial use, or distribution. Articles can also be made open access at any point after they have been published in the journal, even if some time has passed since initial publication. Please direct questions about open access to the journal’s editorial contact.

Additional Resources

View OA fees and request an invoice
UW Press rights & permissions page



Publishing Fees

We accept publishing fees for Gold Open Access, color printing fees, LaTeX conversion, and page fees. To request an invoice, please use our online form or email for assistance.

For information about printing your article in color, and the associated fees, please see our Artwork Preparation Guidelines.

What Are Page Fees? Do I Have to Pay Them?

Page fees are entirely optional. Authors may choose to pay them if a research grant or other institutional funds are available to underwrite publication costs. These fees are based on the number of typeset pages in an article and support the nonprofit mission of the journal, helping to defray the costs of producing, printing, and shipping the issue. Ability to pay is not a condition for acceptance or publication of a manuscript. Current rates can be found on our online invoice request form.



Obtain a PDF of Your Article

The journal editorial office provides authors with a copy of their article, which may be either print or PDF. If you haven’t received a PDF copy but would like one, please email with your request, and we will send you one.



Purchase Print Copies

The University of Wisconsin Press offers print copies of journal issues to authors at a discounted rate. To purchase print copies of issues or individual articles, please email us at and indicate that you are a contributor.



Publicize Your Article

Sharing your scholarship online and getting the word out to your networks has the potential to boost citations, and it can help the journal's usage statistics. Check out this list of easy steps you can take to promote your work.



Article Sharing Guidelines

The University of Wisconsin Press prefers that authors publicize articles by sharing a link to the official preprint or final version of an article from, rather than sharing a working paper. Sharing the Version of Record has the added benefits of increased usage, article citations, and Altmetric scores, and version disambiguation with the use of persistent identifiers (DOIs). For more on article versions, see this resource.


The University of Wisconsin Press does not allow distribution of final article PDFs on author websites or via email. We encourage you to post a short abstract of your article on your professional website, along with a link to the article from We also allow the posting of preprints to institutional repositories. Our mission as a university press is to share with the reading public the fruits of academic research and writing. We take that mission seriously, as we must the fiduciary responsibility we have to the university and the state of Wisconsin. To stay viable, we must recover our material and labor costs through sales of the works we publish. We strive to maintain a balance between our mission and our mandate.

Additional Resources

UW Press rights & permissions page