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Land Economics
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Land Economics

Edited by Daniel J. Phaneuf, University of Wisconsin–Madison
ISSN: 0023-7639, e-ISSN: 1543-8325
Published four times per year


Land Economics publishes papers related to the economics of natural and environmental resources, emphasizing conceptual and/or empirical work with direct relevance for public policy. Founded in 1925 as the Journal of Land and Public Utility Economics, the publication features research related to environmental quality, natural resources, housing, urban and rural land use, transportation, and other areas in both developed and developing country contexts.

2017 Impact Factor: 1.500


Special Issues:
Defining Sustainability, Land Economics 73 #4, available on JSTOR.
Tropical Deforestation and Land Use, Land Economics Vol. 77 #2.
Recent Developments in Fisheries Economics, Land Economics Vol. 83 #1.



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Online access to Land Economics is available as part of the Project MUSE collections.

All back issues of Land Economics (formerly The Journal of Land & Public Utility Economics), beginning with Vol. 1, 1925, are available online through the JSTOR digital archive.


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