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Catalog cover: University of Wisconsin Press's Fall 2023 titles

Fall 2023 titles
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How to Kill a Goat and Other Monsters book cover.

How to Kill a Goat and Other Monsters

Year of Plenty book cover.

Year of Plenty
A Family's Season of Grief

The Long Hallway book cover.

The Long Hallway

Peerless book cover.

Rouben Mamoulian, Hollywood, and Broadway

The Story of Your Obstinate Survival book cover.

The Story of Your Obstinate Survival
Daniel Khalastchi

Unswerving: a bright yellow cover with an abstract illustration of a wheelchair cropped by the right side of the page. The wheel is comprised of colorful brushstrokes: blue, red, purple, yellow, and green. The title text is written in a bold font reminiscent of handwriting, curving along the side of the wheel.

Barbara Ridley

Hart Island: a blue to red gradient cover with the title text written in large white and red font across much of the page. The word 'Island' appears to be sitting in water, the bottom half of the word like a reflection distorted by waves, and a foggy apparition of a ship behind it, obscuring the bottom of the word 'Hart.'

Hart Island