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Catalog cover: University of Wisconsin Press's Spring 2022 titles

Spring 2022 titles
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Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin: cover depicting a photo of spotted salamander atop a pile of wet, autumn leaves at the top of the page, and a photo of a small green snake curled in the sand at the bottom of the page. The two photos are bisected by a black stripe containing the yellow title text.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin

Animals Under the Swastika: cover depicting a grayscale buck staring straight ahead at the viewer. The background is blurry and indistinct. The all capps title text is written above the buck in white, with the word 'Swastika' interweaving the buck's large antlers written in red.

Animals under the Swastika

A Dog Lover's Guide: cover showing Lucky the Labrador-border collie walking up a steep, muddy path lined with coniferous trees. The title text is written in green font within an orange box.

A Dog Lover's Guide to Hiking Wisconsin's State Parks

Abuela in Shadow, Abuela in Light: cover depicting red and pink geraniums in the upper left corner, atop a seafoam green background. The title text is written in black and white at the bottom of the sea foam green section, below it a grayscale photoraph of two elderly hands.

Abuela in Shadow, Abuela in Light

Thunderhead: cover depicting a technocolor sky filled with tall, thunderhead clouds atop a wavy ground of green, blue, yellow, and red stripes. The title text appears in yellow font, written vertically down the page.

Emily Rose Cole

Hoaxes and Other Stories: cover showing the title text written in a randsom letter fashion, with different fonts and backgrounds for each letter of the word 'Hoaxes'.

Hoaxes and Other Stories
Brian DiNuzzo

Death Casts a Shadow: cover depicting an island in a lake during the winter, an orange sunset filling the sky behind tall pine trees.

Death Casts a Shadow