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Catalog cover: University of Wisconsin Press's Spring 2024 titles

Spring 2024 titles
Order: Books | Journals

Bones of Bascom Hall: cover depicting Bascom Hall at night, a dark, cloudy sky looming above it. The image has a rainbow filter over it, but the ominous quality of the picture means that the color does not add any joviality to the cover.

The Bones of Bascom Hall

Moments of Happiness: Mike Leckrone, standing in front of the percussion session of the UW Madison marching band, his arms outstretched, a large smile on his face.

Moments of Happiness
A Wisconsin Band Story

Djinns: Purple book cover with the title text in bold, black lettering up the left side of the page. The author text is written in yellow  between the 'D' and the 'J'. Small silouhettes of people dot the page.


Cowboy Park book cover.

Cowboy Park

Surveille book cover.

Caitlin Roach

Wolf Act: cover depicting an illustration of a red cloak hanging on a wall with the hide of a wolf hanging beside it. The title text is written in bold font above the two hanging items. The top half and left side of the image, including the red cloak, are in shadow, while the wolf hide is in bright light.

Wolf Act
AJ Romriell

Written for the Drawer: a black and white photo of messy shelves in an office. The title text is written in contrasting, bold yellow and white font.

Written for the Drawer
Leonid Tsypkin, Uncensored Literature, and Soviet Jewishness