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Catalog cover: University of Wisconsin Press's Spring 2020 titles

Spring 2020 titles
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A red-headed woodpecker perches on a lichen-covered branch on the lower left. A red barn in the background peeks over the hill behind long green and gold grass. and long grass.

Farm Girl
A Wisconsin Memoir

The sky is light blue and hopeful with fluffy white clouds in a photo of a small town's main street featuring a boarded up appliance store and a Croatian social club.

The Change
My Great American, Postindustrial, Midlife Crisis Tour

A close-up photo of two women with their faces pressed together. The image is cut so that only one half of each face is visible. Where the faces meet, the title, Half, is written sideways, in large white font, in contrast to the orange hue of the picture.


Black and white photograph of the gates to Auschwitz, reading 'arbeit macht frei' ('work sets you free'), a phrase that appeared at the entrance of Nazi concentration camps.

Understanding and Teaching the Holocaust

Two nurses in light blue uniforms each care for a row of patients in hospital beds made up with pink sheets.

Eliciting Care
Health and Power in Northern Thailand
Bo Kyeong Seo

Painting of a large crowd of red figures with a blue sky above and trucks and tanks in the distance.

Buried Histories
The Anticommunist Massacres of 1965–1966 in Indonesia
John Roosa

Photo of a tent at night with the Northern Lights above. The tent glows softly from the campfire within.

Inari Sámi Folklore