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Catalog cover: University of Wisconsin Press's Fall 2022 titles

Fall 2022 titles
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What We Don't Talk About: Cover depicting a starry night sky hovering over the silouette of a small town's skyline, just a sliver of warm light emanating from the horizon. The title text is written in white font across the sky and the author text is written in yellow font at the bottom of the page.

What We Don’t Talk About

Plain: cover showing an abstract painting full of rich yellows, oranges, greens, and pastel pinks and blues. The title text is kept in a small white box in the center of the page.

A Memoir of Mennonite Girlhood

Ripple Effects: cover showing an arial photo of a speed boat creating a wake in a body of water. The title text hovers above the boat in striking teal font.

Ripple Effects
How We're Loving Our Lakes to Death

Shopping, or The End of Time: a metallic pink cover behind bold, hot pink title text.

Shopping, or The End of Time

The Life and Afterlife of Swedish Biograph: cover depicting a black and white photograph of a crowd at a movie theatre. A woman and a man sitting beside each other take of the foreground of the photo. The woman has her eyes closed, seemingly asleep, but the man stares intently forward. The title text is written in an art deco font in the bottom right corner of the page within a gilded square.

The Life and Afterlife of Swedish Biograph
From Commercial Circulation to Archival Practices Jan Olsson

In Defense of Sovereignty: a red and purple cover with white and purple corn-like tassles emerging from the top and bottom of the page. The title text is written in all capps in the center of the page, between the two corn-tassles.

In Defense of Sovereignty
Protecting the Oneida Nation's Inherent Right to Self-Determination Rebecca M. Webster Foreword by Richard Monette

Congo's Dancers: cover depicting two photographs of the same woman posed in different ways, the images cropped so that the viewer never sees her complete form. The cover is tinted blue and green, with another set of photos faintly super-imposed over the original photos, further muddling the images.

Congo's Dancers
Women and Work in Kinshasa