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Catalog cover: University of Wisconsin Press's Fall 2020 titles

Fall 2020 titles
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Wisconsin Cocktails: Cover art showing a brandy old fashioned, including a cherry and orange rind, sitting atop of table. The background of the image is heavily blurred, matching the warm tones of the cocktail. The title text is proclaimed in bold orange text at a slight angle, with delicate white lines above and below it.

Wisconsin Cocktails

Independence: Cover art showing a rain covered window looking out on a blurry landscape of grass and cloudy sky.


Perigee: Cover showing  a crater mottled celestial body taking up the entire sky, with a dark horizon towards the bottom of the page, upon which the silhouette of a person riding a horse is situated.


Cheese: Cover showing an aged cheese wheel containing the title text curved to match the curve of the cheese wheel. At the very center of the cheese wheel is a red and white cow icon, with a red, farm icon above it and a red, tractor icon below it. At the bottom of the cheese wheel is a red ribbon that says '2nd EDITION.' Behind the cheese wheel there is a manilla and green line drawing of rolling farmland.

The Making of a Wisconsin Tradition

Lysistrata: Cover showing a graphic art drawing of a woman, colored in stark red and black, emerging out of the background, a white bird over her right eye. The title text is proclaimed towards the top of her head in constrasting yellow font.

A New Verse Translation

All Abroad: Cover showing a blue background upon which a fleet of illustrated ships and other types of vehicles charge forward.

All Abroad
A Memoir of Travel and Obsession
Geoffrey Weill

Fractures: Cover showing the author name and title text in an ombré of orange, green, and blue, upon a shattered mirror background.