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Native Plants Journal Annual Subscription Rates for Volume 17, 2016

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    print & online $177

    online only $151


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    online only $52

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Native Plants Journal

Edited by Stephen Love, University of Idaho Aberdeen Research & Extension Center
ISSN: 1522-8339, e-ISSN: 1548-4785
Published 3 times per year


Native Plants Journal is a forum for dispersing practical information about planting and growing North American (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.) native plants for conservation, restoration, reforestation, landscaping, highway corridors, and related uses. It includes articles that are useful to and understandable by growers and planters of North American native plants and that contribute significantly to the scientific literature. The second issue of each year includes the Native Plant Materials Directory which provides information about producers of native plant materials in the US and Canada. Native Plants Journal began in January 2000 as a cooperative effort of the USDA Forest Service and the University of Idaho, with assistance from the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Special Issues
Hawai'i Special Section, Native Plants Journal vol. 4 #1
Salix Special Section, Native Plants Journal vol. 4 #2
Genetics Special Section (Part 1), Native Plants Journal vol. 5 #2
Genetics Special Section (Part 2), Native Plants Journal vol. 6 #1
3rd Pacific Northwest Native Plant Conference, Native Plants Journal vol. 7 #1
4th Pacific Northwest Native Plant Conference, Native Plants Journal vol. 9 #3
South Texas Natives, Native Plants Journal vol. 11 #3


Open Access Issues
Native Plants Journal vol. 1 #1

Native Plants Journal vol. 1 #2

Native Plants Journal vol. 2 #1

Native Plants Journal vol. 2 #2

Native Plants Journal vol. 3 #1

Native Plants Journal vol. 3 #2

Native Plants Journal vol. 4 #1

Native Plants Journal vol. 4 #2

Native Plants Journal vol. 5 #1

Native Plants Journal vol. 5 #2



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All back issues of Native Plants Journal are available online as part of a paid subscription. Anyone may view TOC's, abstracts, and a sample issue for free at npj.uwpress.org. Access may also be purchased on a limited term basis for a specific article or issue.


Print back issues may be purchased for $23 each for US addresses, $33 for international addresses. Call (608) 263-0668, or email  journals@uwpress.wisc.edu  to check current availability.


Single articles may be purchased online at npj.uwpress.org/. Print copies of single articles may be ordered here.