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About Email Lists

We offer two email subscription options for each of our journals: eTOC announcements and CiteTrack announcements. The eTOC (Electronic Table of Contents) service allows anyone who registers their email address to be notified when a new issue is online, to receive the complete table of contents (eTOC) for new issues, and/or special announcements from UW Press. The CiteTrack service alerts you by email whenever new content is published in the journal that matches criteria you select including topics, authors, and articles you want to track. To subscribe, please click on the links below.


Arctic Anthropology - http://aa.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Contemporary Literature - http://cl.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Ecological Restoration - http://er.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

The Journal of Human Resources - http://jhr.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Land Economics - http://le.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Landscape Journal - http://lj.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Luso-Brazilian Review - http://lbr.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Monatshefte - http://mon.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts

Native Plants Journal - http://npj.uwpress.org/cgi/alerts


You may edit multiple journal subscriptions through your online account, at http://uwpress.org/subscriptions/etoc.dtl