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Landscape Journal
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Landscape Journal

Design, Planning, and Management of the Land

Interim Editor: Robert Corry, University of Guelph
Assistant Editor: David G. Pitt, University of Minnesota
ISSN: 0277-2426, e-ISSN: 1553-2704
Published twice per year: Spring, Fall

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The official journal of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA).


The mission of landscape architecture is supported by research and theory in many fields. Landscape Journal offers in-depth exploration of ideas and challenges that are central to contemporary design, planning, and teaching. Besides scholarly features, Landscape Journal includes editorial columns, creative work, and reviews of books, conferences, technology, and exhibitions.


Landscape Journal digs deeper into the field by providing articles from:


• landscape architects

• geographers

• architects


• planners

• artists

• historians


• ecologists

• poets



In publication since 1982, Landscape Journal continues to be a valuable resource for academics and practitioners. It is winner of the 2008 Honor Award in Communications from the American Society of Landscape Architects.


The print edition of Landscape Journal is manufactured using sustainable materials and practices. For more information, see the journal front matter for our material certification, and read about our printer’s environmental commitment.


"[Landscape Journal's] readership extends well beyond landscape architecture to embrace history, geography, the visual arts, and other place-based fields. It is one of the few journals that students, scholars, professionals, and teachers must read in order to remain current..." —George Thompson, Center for American Places


"A much needed forum of the profession...Outstanding quality in organization, content, format, and presentation." —American Society of Landscape Architects


Call for Papers - Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration would like to foster closer links with the design community, including landscape architects. The editor, Steven Handel, is looking for landscape architects to write about their projects for the journal. Click here to read the notice as published in Landscape Architecture Magazine. For more information, or to propose an article, contact the editorial staff at ERjournal@sebs.rutgers.edu.


Special Issues:
Race, Space, and the Destabilization of Practice, Landscape Journal, vol. 26 #1
The Manifesto in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Journal, vol. 26 #2
Metropolitan Landscape Ecology, Landscape Journal, vol. 27 #1
The Scholarship of Transdisciplinary Action Research: Toward a New
Paradigm for the Planning and Design Professions, Landscape Journal, vol. 30 #1
Lawrence Halprin, Landscape Journal, vol. 31 #12
Multifunctional Landscapes, Landscape Journal, vol. 32 #2
Designing Living Landscapes, Landscape Journal, vol. 35 #2



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The University of Wisconsin Press is pleased to offer a package subscription to our environment and land management journals. The package includes Ecological Restoration, Land Economics, Landscape Journal, and Native Plants Journal. Order your package now!


Available on Project MUSE and JSTOR

Project Muse

Online access to Landscape Journal from Vol. 30, 2011, is available as part of the Project MUSE collections.


All back issues of Landscape Journal from Vol. 1, 1982, are available through the JSTOR digital archive.


Back Issues

All back issues of Landscape Journal are available online as part of a paid subscription. Anyone may view TOC's, abstracts, and a sample issue for free at lj.uwpress.org. Access may also be purchased on a limited term basis for a specific article or issue.


Print back issues may be purchased from the University of Wisconsin Press here.


Single articles may be purchased online at lj.uwpress.org. Print copies of single articles may be ordered here.