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Please refer to the following to request permission to use material published by the University of Wisconsin Press:

Academic Course Copies and E-reserves

If you are seeking permission to photocopy or create electronic reserves of UWP material for academic course use, please submit your request online at the Copyright Clearance Center. Photocopying within libraries that subscribe to our journals is automatically handled through the CCC.


If you are seeking permission to reprint or reuse material published by the UW Press in a book, on a website, or any other media, please submit a request with the following information:

  • Your first and last name, address, and phone number
  • The material you are seeking permission to use, with complete citation including author/editor, book title, and page numbers in the case of a book; or journal title, volume, issue, page numbers, article title, and author in the case of a journal article
  • The rights you are requesting (print, ebook, online)
  • The title of the forthcoming publication
  • The publisher of the forthcoming publication
  • Expected year, price, and print run of the forthcoming publication

Email your request to or send the request in writing to:

Permissions Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Press
728 State Street, Suite 443
Madison, WI 53706-1428 USA

Please note that it may take up to 30 days to process a request due to the volume of requests received.

Authors need to obtain written permission to use any artwork that is copyrighted, has been obtained from an archival source, or has been scanned or photographed from an existing copyrighted publication. Parties granting permission will normally indicate the exact wording of the required credit line, and this should be included with the artwork’s caption. If you are an author with questions about the rights to images in your forthcoming journal article, please consult this page for journal authors.

If you would like to make a journal article open access, you can pay the fee here.


Translations, Film & TV Options, Book Clubs, Audio Rights

For copyright information or to license rights including foreign rights, translation, film option, book club, audio, digital or ebook, paperback or hardcover reprint, please contact:

Anne McKenna
Subsidary Rights & Permissions Manager
The University of Wisconsin Press
728 State Street, Suite 443
Madison, WI 53706-1428
(608) 263-1131