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Cover image of latest Africa and the Diaspora series title

Africa and the Diaspora: History, Politics, Culture

Cover image of latest Critical Human Rights series title

Critical Human Rights

Cover image of latest Mosse Series title

George L. Mosse Series in the History of European Culture, Sexuality, and Ideas

Cover image of latest Mosse Series title

Collected Works of George L. Mosse

Cover image of latest Goldberg Series title

The Harvey Goldberg Series for Understanding and Teaching History

Cover image of latest History of Print and Digital Culture Series title

The History of Print and Digital Culture

Cover image of latest Languages and Folklore of the Upper Midwest Series title

Languages and Folklore of the Upper Midwest

Cover image of latest Living Out Series title

Living Out: Gay & Lesbian Autobiographies

Cover image of latest New Perspectives in Southeast Asian Studies Series title

New Perspectives in Southeast Asian Studies

Cover image of latest Nordic World Series title

Nordic World

Cover image of latest Warren Moon Series in Art and Archaeology title

The Warren Moon Series in Art and Archaeology

Cover image of latest Wisconsin Film Studies Series title

Wisconsin Film Studies

Cover image of latest Wisconsin Land and Life Series cover

Wisconsin Land and Life

Cover image of latest Wisconsin Poetry Series title

Wisconsin Poetry Series

Cover image of latest Wisconsin Studies in Classics Series title

Wisconsin Studies in Classics

Cover image of latest Women in Africa and the Disapora Series title

Women in Africa and the Diaspora


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The Americas

Presents the Americas as a fertile landscape for open intellectual debate and inspired imagination, presenting literature as the reflection of a heterogeneous society.



The Annotated Works of Alexander Pushkin

David M. Bethea, Series Editor

Illuminating the creative processes and historical realities that shaped Pushkin’s writing, this richly annotated series reproduces each work exactly as it appeared in the final edition published during Pushkin’s lifetime, resulting in the handsome “artifactual” feel of an original Pushkin text.



Bird Conservation

Established in 1983, this series provided a yearly overview of current research and key ecological topics in the field of bird conservation in the United States.



Contemporary North American Poetry

Publishing critical studies of recent poetry, collections of essays on poetics, biographies of individual poets or groups of poets, and correspondence and memoirs, this series will document, analyze, and seek to sustain the many exciting and diverse developments in North American poetry since the 1950s.



The Curti Lectures

This series is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Foundation and the Department of History of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The books in this series are by some of the most prominent historians in the world and are based upon a series of lectures in social and intellectual history that was inaugurated in 1976 in honor of the distinguished historian Merle Curti.



Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World

Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World publishes the first books of scholars working in folklore studies. The series emphasizes the interdisciplinary and international nature of current folklore scholarship. Funded by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the series is a collaborative venture of the University of Illinois Press, the University Press of Mississippi, and the University of Wisconsin Press, in conjunction with the American Folklore Society.



Graven Images: Culture, Law and the Sacred

Andrew D. Weiner and Leonard V. Kaplan, Series Editors

Illuminating culture, the law, and the human urge for transcendence, Graven Images seeks to redefine a space for the sacred in the face of post-modernist materialism.



History of American Thought and Culture

Paul S. Boyer, Series Editor

This series offers works by distinguished historians and emerging scholars that illuminate and interpret America’s intellectual and cultural history. The focus is on the twentieth and twenty-first century, but work from all periods of American history is represented.



History of Anthropology

George W. Stocking, Jr., and Richard Handler, Series Editors

Established in 1983, and edited for many years by George W. Stocking, Jr., this series covers the history and present practice of anthropological inquiry.



History of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora

James S. Donnelly, Jr., and Thomas Archdeacon, Series Editors

By linking Ireland and the Irish diaspora, this series recognizes the many forms of historical interaction between the Irish at home and abroad and the extent to which Irish diasporan history has come to rival Irish history in the maturity and sophistication of its scholarship.



Print Culture History in Modern America

James P. Danky, Christine Pawley, and Adam R. Nelson, Series Editors

Established in 2002 and fostering research and writing on the mediating role that print has played in American culture since 1876, this series considers the impact of newspapers, books of all kinds, periodicals, advertising, and ephemera, with special attention to populations on the margins of mainstream media.




Interpretive Studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences

Nancy L. Diekelmann, Series Editor, and Pamela Ironside, Series Assistant Editor

Aimed at both scholars in the human sciences and health care practitioners, this series examines current issues in the practice of healthcare, both in the United States and internationally. The series encourages interpretive, theoretical approaches to these issues.



Irish Studies in Literature and Culture

Michael Patrick Gillespie, Series Editor

Examines contemporary Irish writing and society, including works of scholarship and works for the general reader.



La Follette Public Policy Series

Identifies and explores public policy issues, especially at levels of government below the federal level, reflecting the changes in federalism in recent years which have placed an increasing emphasis on the role of state and local governments.



Library of American Fiction

This series is edited by in-house editors

Presents new works and reprints of novels and short stories by critically acclaimed American writers.



Library of World Fiction

This series is edited by in-house editors

Presents reprints of classic works of fiction by international writers.



Life Course Studies

David I. Kertzer and David L. Featherman, Series Editors

A broad interdisciplinary spectrum of inquiry into the nature of human timetables and biographies. The series aspires to encompass the works on life periods as well as on the life course as a whole, on life-span human development, and on aging.



Living in Latin America

Fresh insight into the conditions under which the population of Latin America lives.



Mark H. Ingraham Prize

Prize awarded annually for the best book-length manuscript in the humanities or social sciences by an author who has not previously published a scholarly book.



Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translations and Critical Studies

Barbara E. Galli and Elliot R. Wolfson, Series Editors

Jewish thought from Moses Mendelssohn to the present, in monographs, collected essays, and anthologies concerning specific themes or thinkers, as well as edited translations and updated editions of classics in the field.



Monatshefte Occasional Volumes

Reinhold Grimm and Jost Hermand, Series Editors

An occasional series published by the journal Monatshefte, which offers scholarly articles dealing with the literatures and cultures of German-speaking countries from both most advanced and traditional theoretical and historical perspectives.



New Directions in Anthropological Writing

George F. Marcus and James Clifford, Series Editors

Focusing on interdiciplinary aspects of anthropology, this series probes the dynamics of culture and the limits of representation.



New Studies in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics

Kenneth Maly, Series Editor

Provides a forum for a full and fresh thinking and rethinking of the way of phenomenology and interpretive phenomenology, i.e. hermeneutics.



A North Coast Book

This popular series of books ranges widely across Wisconsin and the Midwest, with interesting books about climbing in Devil’s Lake, walking trails, plants, birds, trout streams, Wisconsin history, Native American communities, and more.



Publications of the Conference on Latin American History



Publications of the Wisconsin Center for Pushkin Studies

David M. Bethea, Series Editor

Alexander Pushkin was Russia’s national poet, the founder of its modern literary language, an innovator across a broad range of genres, and a figure whose biography has generated intense interest and controversy in fields and forms as different as literature, visual art, theater, film, and music. This series publishes works of individual and joint scholarship that feature aspects of Pushkin’s creative world and times.



A Ray and Pat Browne Book

Informative studies of any and all aspects of everyday culture written in easy and communicative style.



Rhetoric of the Human Sciences

Deirdre N. McCloskey and John S. Nelson, Series Editors

Established in 1985, this book series is devoted to the critical analysis and understanding of the intellectual, linguistic, and cultural methods of a variety of disciplines.



Science and Literature

Established in 1987, this book series examines the effects of scientific knowledge on culture, both historically and currently.



Science and Technology in Society

Daniel Lee Kleinman and Jo Handelsman, Series Editors

This series publishes innovative and provocative work that confronts important concerns raised by the science- and technology-infused environment in which we live.


Shoah Studies

Alan L. Berger, Series Editor

Examines the Holocaust and its aftermath through works that reflect artistic, literary, psychological, religious, sociological, and theological perspectives. Continually in Jewish and, increasingly, non-Jewish thought, traditional, pre-Shoah modes of religious explanation and theological self-understanding are called radically into question.



Social Demography



Sources in Modern Jewish History

David Sorkin, Series Editor

This series aims to shape the ways that modern Jewish history is studied and taught. Each volume will be an edited collection of documentary sources on an important theme in the modern experience of Jews, accompanied by annotations, critical notes, and scholarly introductions.



Studies in American Thought and Culture

Paul S. Boyer, Series Editor

This series offers works by both established and emerging scholars in the humanities that illuminate and interpret America’s intellectual and cultural history. Wide-ranging in scope, and with an advisory board of prominent scholars, the series presents books of intellectual quality that make a significant scholarly contribution while also speaking to the broader community of thoughtful readers.



Studies in Communication and Society

Vincent Mosco and Janet Wasko, Series Editors



Studies in Dance History

Studies in Dance History volumes are published and distributed by the UW Press on behalf of the Society of Dance History Scholars.

Founded in 1988, Studies in Dance History aims to further the goals of the Society of Dance History Scholars by making widely available the extraordinarily rich and diverse scholarship that takes dance as its subject, ranging from new methods of historical inquiry to multiple theoretical perspectives.



Studies in German Jewish Cultural History and Literature

Paul Mendes-Flohr, Series Editor

Examines the culture of modernity through the prism of German Jewish cultural and literary history.



Studies of the Harriman Institute



Studies on Israel



Study Smart Series

Judi Kesselman-Turkel and Franklynn Peterson, Series Editors

Designed for students from junior high school through lifelong learning programs, this series teaches skills for studying, spelling, and vocabulary building.



Technical Japanese Series

Helps students and professionals develop the vocabulary and the knowledge of grammar necessary to read and translate Japanese technical documents.



Terrace Books

Terrace Books is not a series, but an imprint. For more information, and a list of books under this imprint, see Terrace Books.


Wisconsin Project on American Writers

Established in 1984, this book series focuses on the reexamining and reevaluating of American literature from contemporary critical perspectives.



Wisconsin Publications in the History of Science and Medicine



Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography

William L. Andrews, Series Editor

Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography published original autobiographical writing as well as historical and critical investigations of autobiography, biography, diary, letters, and related forms of life writing.


Wisconsin Studies in Film

(Note this is a different series than Wisconsin Film Studies, above)

Established in 1991, this book series explores film history, genres, film studies, and noteworthy practitioners of the art of cinema.



Wisconsin/Warner Bros. Screenplays

Tino Balio, Series Editor

Published for the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, the Wisconsin/Warner Bros. Screenplays series, a product of the Warner Bros. Film Library, will enable film scholars, students, researchers, and aficionados to gain insights into individual American films of the Golden Age of Hollywood in ways never before possible.


Writing in Latinidad: Autobiographical Voices of U.S. Latinos/as

Susana Chávez-Silverman, Paul Allatson, Silvia D. Spitta, and Rafael Campo, Series Editors

Autobiographical works—including memoirs, journals, collections of letters, and performance pieces—by Latino and Latina writers who live in the United States.