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Shoah Studies

Alan L. Berger, Series Editor


Original Series Description
Shoah Studies examines the Holocaust and its aftermath through works that reflect artistic, literary, psychological, religious, sociological, and theological perspectives. Continually in Jewish and, increasingly, non-Jewish thought, traditional, pre-Shoah, modes of religious explanation and theological self-understanding are called radically into question. The religious and theological reverberations of Auschwitz are felt in society at large, and have become the focus of much of post modern and feminist theological discourse as well. Furthermore, representation of the Shoah changes as succeeding generations confront its traumatic legacy, while seeking to clarify issues of identity and memory. Additionally, new rituals of Holocaust commemoration are emerging in the works of the second generation, even as increasing societal attention is being paid to issues such as post-Auschwitz Jewish-Christian dialogue, the role of rescuers, and the function of Holocaust museums.



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Nightmare’s Fairy Tale
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Nightmare’s Fairy Tale
A Young Refugee’s Home Fronts, 1938–1948
Gerd Korman
Fall 2005

. . . And Heaven Shed No Tears
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. . . And Heaven Shed No Tears
Henry Armin Herzog
Spring 2005