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The Warren Moon Series in Art and Archaeology

Mark Stansbury O’Donnell and Allison Emmerson, Series Editors

Building on the legacy of Warren Moon and volumes produced during the first decades of the Wisconsin Studies of Classics series, The Warren Moon Series in Art and Archaeology seeks to publish innovative monographs and collections exploring the material and visual culture of the ancient Mediterranean from the end of the Bronze Age into Late Antiquity. These studies emphasize new approaches to ancient archaeological contexts and visual media, and aim to generate new insights into ancient culture.

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Recent and Backlist in the Subject Area

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Reset in Stone: Cover of a photograph of an Athenian ruin with tall white pillars taken from below, looking up towards the ruins and the sky. On the right side of the image, there is a faint blue outline of a pillar going up the side of the page.
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Reset in Stone
Memory and Reuse in Ancient Athens
Sarah A. Rous
Spring 2021

The Gods of the Greeks: A terracotta relief of Aphrodite Pandemos holding a goat. The relief is superimposed over a black background. The stark white title text is above the relief on the black background.
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The Gods of the Greeks
Erika Simon, Translated by Jakob Zeyl, Edited by Alan Shapiro with a foreword by Fritz Graf
Fall 2020

A Guide to Scenes of Daily Life on Athenian Vases: Cover art of an ancient Athenian vase, depicting a man and a cow in striking orange and black pigments, atop a gray background.
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A Guide to Scenes of Daily Life on Athenian Vases
John H. Oakley
Spring 2020

Spear-Won Land
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Spear-Won Land
Sardis from the King's Peace to the Peace of Apamea
Edited by Andrea M. Berlin and Paul J. Kosmin
Spring 2019