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About Our E-books

What is an e-book?

  • A digital version of a printed book that is portable and accessible on many electronic devices (Mac, PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, iPad, Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader, e-reader, etc.)
  • A quick download away
  • A book with no cost for shipping and handling
  • An eco-friendly alternative to printed books


How do I find UW Press e-books?

A link to purchase UW Press e-books, noted by e-book link, will be found on each seasons' title list, series pages, subject pages, and individual book pages. Please note print and ebooks are not always available concurrently. If the ebook does not appear in your shopping cart, please check back at a later date to purchase.

You may find e-books by:


What can I do with a UW Press e-book?*

  • Access the book on 6 different devices
  • Cut/paste allowed
  • Bookmark, highlight, and create text notes
  • Read books on and offline


What is Adobe Digital Editions?

  • Adobe Digital Editions is free downloadable program available in many languages, which you will need to install on each device you wish to read your e-book on
  • Allows easy viewing of e-books in PDF format, preserving the look of the printed page
  • For more information, please see our Adobe Digital Editions page.
  • Download at:
    Adobe Digital Editions Logo


Where else can UW Press e-books be purchased?*

Apart from on our website, the UW Press’s e-books can be found through distributors of e-books to libraries and individuals including:


*E-books sold through other vendors may have different permitted uses and different digital rights management (DRM) than those sold on the UWP site.