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Anthropology Titles

Listed in order of most recent publication, under construction.

Glimpses into My Own Black Box
An Exercise in Self-Deconstruction
George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 12
Forthcoming November 2010

Central Sites, Peripheral Visions
Cultural and Institutional Crossings
in the History of Anthropology
Edited by Richard Handler
History of Anthropology, Volume 11

Significant Others
Interpersonal and Professional Commitments in Anthropology
Edited by Richard Handler
History of Anthropology, Volume 10

Excluded Ancestors, Inventible Traditions
Essays Toward a More Inclusive History of Anthropology
Edited by Richard Handler
History of Anthropology, Volume 9

Volksgeist as Method and Ethic
Essays on Boasian Ethnography and the German Anthropological Tradition
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 8

Colonial Situations
Essays on the Contextualization of Ethnographic Knowledge
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 7

Romantic Motives
Essays on Anthropological Sensibility
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 6

Bones, Bodies, Behavior
Essays in Behavioral Anthropology
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 5

Malinowski, Rivers, Benedict & Others
Essays on Culture and Personality
Edited by George W. Stocking
History of Anthropology, Volume 4

Objects and Others
Essays on Museums and Material Culture
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 3

Functionalism Historicized
Essays on British Social Anthropology
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 2

Observers Observed
Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.
History of Anthropology, Volume 1

Delimiting Anthropology
Occasional Inquiries and Reflections
George W. Stocking, Jr.

Anthropology Goes to War
Professional Ethics and Counterinsurgency in Thailand
Eric Wakin

After Taylor
British Social Anthropology, 1888
George W. Stocking, Jr.

The Trashing of Margaret Mead
An Anatomy of Anthropological Controversy

Paul Shankman

Critics Against Culture
Anthropological Observers of Mass Society
Richard Handler

Ethnic Politics in Brazil
Alcida Rita Ramos

Digging into Popular Culture
Theories and Methodologies in Archaeology, Anthropology, and Other Fields
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Pat Browne

Writings by and about Katherine Dunham
Edited by VèVè A. Clark and Sara E. Johnson

Peasant Intellectuals
Anthropology and History in Tanzania
Steven Feierman

After Freedom
Anthropology and History in Tanzania
Steven Feierman

Wisconsin Chippewa Myths & Tales
And Their Relation to Life
Victor Barnouw

Sanuma Memories
Yanomami Ethnography in Times of Crisis
Alcida Rita Ramos

Oral Tradition as History
Jan Vansina

Fragments of Death, Fables of Identity
An Athenian Anthropography
Neni Panourgiá

Nomads and the Outside World
Second Edition
Anatoly M. Khazanov

Being Colonized
The Kuba Experience in Rural Congo, 1880–1960
Jan Vansina

Embodying Horror
Fertility, Foreigness, and Regeneration in Eastern Sudan
Amal Hassan Fadlalla

Living with Africa
Jan Vansina

A Problem That Cannot Be Solved
Charles W. Nuckolls

The Cockfight
A Casebook
Edited by Alan Dundes

Bike Lust
Harleys, Women, and American Society
Barbara Joans

Wombs and Alien Spirits
Women, Men, and the Zar Cult in Northern Sudan
Janice Boddy

Beyond Affirmative Action
Reframing the Context of Higher Education
Robert A. Ibarra

Fieldwork Dilemmas
Anthropologists in Postsocialist States
Edited by Hermine G. De Soto and Nora Dudwick

Pathways of Memory and Power
Ethnography and History among an Andean People
Thomas A. Abercrombie

Biomedicine and Alternative Healing Systems in America
Issues of Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
Hans A. Baer

Dance and the Nation
Performance, Ritual, and Politics in Sri Lanka (Includes DVD)
Susan A. Reed

A Hill Among a Thousand
Transformations and Rupturs in Rural Rwanda
Danielle de Lame

Tired of Weeping
Mother Love, Child Death, and Poverty in Guinea-Bissau
Second Edition

Jónína Einarsdóttir

The Lunda-Ndembu
Style, Change, and Social Transformation in South Central Africa
James A. Pritchett

Folk Law
Essays in the Theory and Practice of Lex Non Scripta
Edited by Alison Dundes Renteln and Alan Dundes

Spirit Possession, Modernity, and Power in Africa
Edited by Heike Behrend and Ute Luig

Cultural Dialectics of Knowledge and Desire
Charles W. Nuckolls

The Ageless Self
Sources of Meaning in Late Life
Sharon R. Kaufman

Celibacy, Culture, and Society
The Anthropology of Sexual Abstinence
Edited by Elisa J. Sobo and Sandra Bell

Dancing with the Devil
Society and Cultural Poetics in Mexican-American South Texas
José E. Limón

Gossip, Markets, and Gender
How Dialogue Constructs Moral Value in Post-Socialist Kilimanjaro
Tuulikki Pietilä

The Blood Libel Legend
A Casebook In Anti-Semetic Folklore
Edited by Alan Dundes

People as Subject, People as Object

Selfhood and Peoplehood in Contemporary Israel
Virginia R. Domínguez

The Children of Woot
A History of the Kuba Peoples
Jan Vansina

Beggars and Thieves
Lives of Urban Street Criminals
Mark S. Fleisher

Dead End Kids
Gang Girls and the Boys They Know
Mark S. Fleisher

African Women Writing Resistance
An Anthology of Contemporary Voices
Edited by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Pauline Dongala, Omotayo Jolaosho, and Anne Serafin

Modern Noise, Fluid Genres
Popular Music in Indonesia, 1997–2001
Jeremy Wallach

Sharing the Dance
Contact Improvisation and American Culture
Cynthia J. Novack

Naming Colonialism

History and Collective Memory in the Congo, 1870–1960
Osumaka Likaka

The Atlantic Slave Trade
A Census
Philip D. Curtin

Woman and Politics in Uganda
Aili Mari Tripp

Dancing from Past to Present
Nation, Culture, Identities
Edited by Theresa Jill Buckland

The Vampire
A Casebook
Edited by Alan Dundes

In Search of Authenticity
The Formation of Folklore Studies
Regina Bendix

Resistance, Rebellion, and Consciousness in the Andean Peasant World, 18th to 20th Centuries

Edited by Steve J. Stern

Cultures of Secrecy
Reinventing Race in Bush Kaliai Cargo Cults
Andrew Lattas

Cervantine Journeys
Steven Hutchinson

African Art and Leadership
Edited by Douglas Fraser and Herbert M. Cole

Stalin in Russian Satire, 1917–1991
Karen L. Ryan

Recipes and Recollections of Italian Holidays
Helen Barolini

The Life and Works of Charles Sealsfield (Karl Postl) 1793–1864
Edited by Charlotte L. Brancaforte

After the USSR
Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Politics in the Commonwealth of Independent States
Anatoly M. Khazanov

Dialogue at the Margins
Whorf, Bakhtin, and Linguistic Relativity
Emily A. Schultz

Wild Man
Tobias Schneebaum

Into the Heart of the Amazons
In Search of Modern Matriarchy
Tom DeMott

To Remember the Dead
The Plenitude of Memory in Southwestern New Britian
Thomas Maschio

Breaking the Chains
Slavery, Bondage, and Emancipation in Modern Africa and Asia
Edited by Martin A. Klein

The Forest of Taboos
Morality, Hunting, and Identity among the Huaulu of the Moluccas
Valerio Valeri

Soldiers, Traders, and Slaves
State Formation and Economic Transformation in the Greater Nile Valley, 1700–1885
Janet J. Ewald

From Religious Dispute to Revolution
Michael M. J. Fischer


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