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Functionalism Historicized
Essays on British Social Anthropology
Edited by George W. Stocking Jr.

History of Anthropology Series (VOLUME TWO)
Richard Handler, Series Editor

"A promising and well-produced series. . . . these essays show how much of interest in the history of social anthropology would be lost if it were treated simply as a history of ideas." Times Literary Supplement

George W. Stocking, Jr.George W. Stocking Jr. is the Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Department of Anthropology and the Committee on the Conceptual Foundations of Science at the University of Chicago. He is the author of many books, including Victorian Anthropology; After Tylor: British Social Anthropology, 1888–1951;and The Ethnographer's Magic, and was the founder and long-time editor of the History of Anthropology series published by the University of Wisconsin Press. He has been awarded the Huxley Medal of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service by the American Anthropological Association. His most recent book with the University of Wisconsin Press is Delimiting Anthropology: Occasional Inquiries and Reflections.


Functionalism Historicized

The Functional Reduction of Kinship in the Social Thought of John Locke
Thomas de Zengotita

Robertson Smith and James Frazer on Religion: Two Traditions in British Social Anthropology
Robert Alun Jones

Tribal Exemplars: Images of Political Authority in British Anthropology, 1885–1945
Henrika Kuklick

Englishmen, Celts, and Iberians: The Ethnographic Survey of the United Kingdom, 1892–1899
James Urry

Dr. Durkheim and Mr. Brown: Comparative Sociology at Cambridge in 1910
Edited by George W. Stocking, Jr.

Radcliffe-Brown and British Social Anthropology
George W. Stocking, Jr.

Function, History, Biography: Reflections on Fifty Years in the British Anthropological Tradition
Hilda Kuper

Miscellaneous Studies

From Philology to Anthropology in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Germany
James Whitman

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October 1988

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"This volume is likely to prove indispensable to historians of anthropology in general and of British anthropology in particular. A wide range of historical skills are on display, from traditional textual analysis to historical sociology of the most sophisticated sort."
—Robert A. Nye, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences



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