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Catalog Archive / Spring 2021

An Anthology of Queer Voices from German-Speaking Europe
Edited by Gary Schmidt and Merrill Cole

Quertext reveals the startling breadth of gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and queer experiences in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria today. From coming out and gay bashing to queer marriage and parenting and caring for the elderly, this collection emphasizes the diversity of queer life in central Europe.”
—Robert Tobin, Clark University

Knowing that queer voices have been making themselves heard in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria decades before Stonewall, editors Gary Schmidt and Merrill Cole curated thrilling snapshots of prose fiction from more than twenty contemporary writers whose work defies stereotypes, disciplines, and expectations. These authors produce fiction for adults and young people that celebrates the multiplicity of the present, casts a queer eye on the past, and interrogates LGBTQ+ futures.

These outstanding texts exemplify the glittering variety of styles, themes, settings, and subjects addressed by openly queer authors who write in German today. They explore identity, sexuality, history, fantasy, loss, and discovery. Their authors, narrators, and characters explore gender nonconformity and living queer everywhere from city centers to rural communities. They are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and nonbinary. They are exiles, immigrants, and travelers through time and space.

Witty, titillating, and a delight to read, Quertext opens up new worlds of experience for readers interested in queer life beyond the Anglophone world.

Featuring work by Jürgen Bauer • Ella Blix • Claudia Breitsprecher • Lovis Cassaris • Gunther Geltinger • Joachim Helfer • Odile Kennel • Friedrich Kröhnke • Anja Kümmel • Marko Martin • Hans Pleschinski • Christoph Poschenrieder • Peter Rehberg • Michael Roes • Sasha Marianna Salzmann • Angela Steidele • Antje Rávik Strubel • Alain Claude Sulzer • Antje Wagner • J. Walther • Tania Witte • Yusuf Yeşilöz


Gary Schmidt. Gary Schmidt is Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Wright State University. He is the author of books including The Nazi Abduction of Ganymede: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Postwar German Literature.

Author. Photo credit, Name. Merrill Cole is a professor of English at Western Illinois University. His books include The Other Orpheus: A Poetics of Modern Homosexuality.



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Queer Voices from German-Speaking Europe: A black cover with the title text proclaimed in bold pink and black and white stripes. Design by Jeremy John Parker.

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August 2021
LC: 202005855 PT
264 pp. 6 x 9

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ISBN 9780299333805
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