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Catalog Archive / Spring 2022

Eclogues and Georgics
Translated by James Bradley Wells

Wisconsin Series in Classics

“Wells’s translations are poetry in their own right“the work of a poet and created as poetic works”and marry deft use of English rhythms and cadences with fidelity to Vergil’s Latin. The skillful metrical scheme and lexical choices (especially the striking and inventive compounds) make it a pleasure to read. I felt as though I was reading both texts anew.”
—Tedd A. Wimperis, Elon University

James Bradley Wells shares his poet’s soul and scholar’s eye in this thought-provoking new translation of two of Vergil’s early works, the Eclogues and Georgics. With its emphasis on a natural rather than stylized rhythm, Eclogues and Georgics honors the original spirit of ancient Roman poetry as both a written and performance-based art form.

The accompanying introductory essays situate both sets of poems in a rich literary tradition. Wells provides historical context and literary analysis of these two works, eschewing facile interpretations of these oft examined texts and ensconcing them in the society and culture from which they originated.

The translations in Eclogues and Georgics are augmented with annotated essays, a pronunciation guide, and a glossary. These supplementary materials, alongside Wells’s bold vision for what translation choices can reveal, promote radically democratizing access for readers with an interest in classics or poetry.


James Bradley Wells is an associate professor of classical studies at DePauw University. He has worked widely as a poet, translator, and critic. He is author of Pindar’s Verbal Art and his own original poetry has been collected and published in Bicycle and The Kazantzakis Guide to Greece.




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Table of Contents

Statement on Translation
Pronunciation Guide

General Introduction to Vergil and His Poetry

Vergil’s Eclogues Introduction to Vergil’s Eclogues
Eclogue 1
Eclogue 2
Eclogue 3
Eclogue 4
Eclogue 5
Eclogue 6
Eclogue 7
Eclogue 8
Eclogue 9
Eclogue 10

Vergil’s Georgics
Introduction to Vergil’s Georgics
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4



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July 2022
LC: 2021041604 PA
238 pp. 6 x 9

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Casebound $29.95 S
ISBN 9780299337407
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