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Arbeidsbok til Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 2, Antologi
Workbook for Intermediate Norwegian
Kathleen Stokker

This intermediate workbook, like the other materials in the Norsk, nordmenn og Norge series, regards communication as the primary goal of language learning. Experience has shown that students need to pass through a period of meaningful structural practice as they develop their communication skills. The workbook aims to provide that practice in psychologically realistic and useful ways, combining entertaining activities with more traditional exercises.

Toward these ends, the workbook features:
•An extensive overview of the basics of Norwegian grammar,
providing a ready reference throughout the course
•A thorough review of elementary Norwegian vocabulary and grammar, allowing students whose preparation in the language differs to share a common knowledge base
Hvem er du? sections that encourage the learner to
personalize the material
Litt av hvert sections that provide short summaries of the
anthology’s reading passages (lesestykker) while reviewing common problems with vocabulary and grammar
•Crossword puzzles and cartoons.

Kathleen Stokker
is professor of Norwegian at Luther College. She is coauthor with Odd Haddal of Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 1: Textbook for Beginning Norwegian, also published by the University of Wisconsin Press.

Norsk, nordmenn og Norge series at a glance:

First Year Materials:  ISBN # Description  Author
Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 1  0-299-08690-9 Textbook Stokker
Workbook for Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 1  0-299-23714-1 Workbook Janus
Teacher's Manual for Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 1  0-299-08804-0 Teacher's Manual for the textbook Stokker

Second Year Materials:

Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 2, Antologi Cl. 0-299-13450-1
Pa. 0-299-13454-9
Textbook Stokker
Arbeidsbok til Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 2, Antologi  0-299-13455-6 Workbook Stokker
Lærerveiledning til Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 2, Antologi  0-299-13456-3 Teacher's Guide Stokker

Out of Print:

Norsk, nordmenn og Norge, Oral Exercises on Tape  0-299-08809-5 Audio Cassettes Janus
Norsk, nordmenn og Norge, Workbook (Arbeidshefte)  0-299-08774-6 Workbook Janus
Workbook Teacher's Manual for Arbeidshefte til Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge  0-299-09034-0 Teacher's Guide Janus

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Workbook for Intermediate Norwegian
September 2010

224 pp. #8 1/2 x 11

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ISBN 978-0-299-13455-6
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