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Series Editor: Irene Vilar

Advisory Board: Homero Aridjis, Ariel Dorfman, Rosario Ferre, Alvaro Mutis, Bob Shacochis, Margaret Sayers Peden, Mirta Ojito, Luis J. Rodriguez, Jean Franco and Doug Unger

The series seeks to present the Americas—North and South and the Caribbean—as one vast terrain of literary and artistic dialogue. The series will publish works that particularly reflect influences or ways in which one America sees the other across borders and historical divides and will be particularly interested in projects whose significance transcends traditional academic boundaries to speak to people everywhere and the emerging Hispanic face of this country. Fresh translations of novels, collections of stories, memoirs, essays, and literary nonfiction by Spanish-, Portuguese-, French-, and English-language authors from the Hispanic, Brazilian, and Caribbean worlds and their multiple diasporas will be featured. Anthologies and reprints of classics with engaging new introductions are also to be included.

The cross-fertilization motto is seen, for example, in the reality of a contemporary Mexican poet reading a North American poet in translation whom in turn had read the Mexican poet Octavio Paz in translation who in turn read the North American Walt Whitman. The series is intended for the general public as well as students and specialists in the various fields. Sub-series such as Lives, City Readers, and The Best Americas Movies would bring to the series a unique, lively, and refreshingly popular angle

The Americas

Tent of Miracles
Jorge Amado; Translated by Barbara Shelby Merello
ISBN 0-299-18644-X Paper

Jorge Amado; Translated by Barbara Shelby Merello
ISBN 0-299-18654-7 Paper

The Mexico City Reader
Edited by Ruben Gallo
ISBN 0-299-19710-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-299-19714-X Paper

The Purple Land
W. H. Hudson; With a new introduction by Ilan Stavans
ISBN 0-299-18224-X Paper

The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories
Horacio Quiroga; With an introduction by Jean Franco; Selected and translated by Margaret Sayers Peden
ISBN 0-299-19834-0 Paper

The Centaur in the Garden
Moacyr Scliar; Translated by Margaret A. Neves
ISBN 0-299-18784-5 Paper

Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number
Jacobo Timerman; With a new introduction by Ilan Stavans
ISBN 0-299-18244-4 Paper

Preso sin Nombre, Celda sin Nmero
Jacobo Timerman; Con textos de Arthur Miller y Ariel Dorfman / With forewords by Arthur Miller and Ariel Dorfman
ISBN 0-299-20044-2 Paper

Life in the Damn Tropics
A Novel
David Unger; Foreword by Gioconda Belli
ISBN 0-299-20054-X Paper


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