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2014 titles

Browse titles from our e-catalog for Spring 2014 or go directly to a list of Spring 2014 titles.


2013 titles

Browse titles from our interactive Fall 2013 catalog, or our interactive Spring 2013 catalog. Or go directly to a listing of Fall 2013 and Spring 2013 titles.


Press Kits

Press kits contain publicity information, print and web-ready downloadable images of the book’s cover, and photos of the author(s) or editor(s). Press kits are available through individual book pages.


Award winners

UW Press award winning books.


Book Series

A listing of all series that are in print.

For a separate listing of all series in which the Press is actively acquiring titles, see active series.



Information about UW Press e-books and Digital Editions.


Selected titles by subject

This a selection of links
to select groupings by subject. It is not a listing of all books in print by subject.


Backlist / Books in Print

A partial listing of UW Press titles in our backlist.


Catalog Archive

Seasonal catalogs from 2000 through the present.




Books about Wisconsin

Our 2012-13 Wisconsin in Print e-catalog offers books at a 20% discount.

If you prefer to see a listing of titles instead of the interactive catalog above, go to Regional catalog.


Popular Press

Listing of popular culture titles from the Popular Press, an imprint of the UW Press.


Distributed Titles

Other organizations and presses whose titles are distributed by the UW Press.