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Eat Smart in Peru
How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure
Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt
Illustrated by Susan Chwae
Eat Smart culinary travel guide series
Publication date: April 2006
LC: 2001129140 TX
160 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 2 maps
8 page color insert; 15 b/w illus.
ISBN 0-9641168-0-4 Paper $13.95

Press Release

SUBJECT: EAT SMART IN PERU Wins Gourmand World Cookbook Award

CONTACTS: Andrea Christofferson, (608) 263-0814
Kori Graves, (608) 263-0766

EAT SMART IN PERU: HOW TO DECIPHER THE MENU, KNOW THE MARKET FOODS & EMBARK ON A TASTING ADVENTURE (Ginkgo Press) has recently won Gourmand's World Cookbook Award "Best of the Best" in the category of culinary travel guidebooks published in 2006.

Since 1995, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have helped readers find the best out of the 24,000 food and wine books published worldwide every year. EAT SMART IN PERU had already won best in the world in the English language from Gourmand, and on April 7th won the "Best of the Best" at the World competition in Beijing—winning gold in all languages.

EAT SMART IN PERU is the newest installment of the Eat Smart travel guide series published by Ginkgo Press and distributed by the University
of Wisconsin Press. Designed for cookbook lovers and travelers who want to get to the heart of a culture through its cuisine, this richly photographed and illustrated culinary travel guidebook explains how to find the most delicious, authentic, and adventurous eating experiences in Peru. The authors share the secrets they've uncovered-from restaurant dining to home cooking to fresh market produce to street-vendor fare.

In addition to the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, EAT SMART IN PERU was a finalist for travel guides in the Best Books
Competition and has been named Best Food Guide of the Year by

To find more about EAT SMART IN PERU, go to [this page]. To check out other books in the award-winning series that explores the culinary delights of Morocco, Brazil, Poland, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey, please visit

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The Rebecca Review | Midwest Book Review | | PittsburghTribune-Review |
Jeannette Belliveau's review

"Intricately Researched Culinary Guide . . . Eat Smart in Peru will appeal to anyone who is curious about new culinary discoveries and wants to either travel to Peru or incorporate new recipes into their cooking repertoire."—The Rebecca Review

"A superb introduction and guide for tourists and business travelers when dining, cooking, and eating in Peru. Knowledgeably compiled and expertly co-authored by Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt, Eat Smart In Peru: How To Decipher The Menu, Know The Market Foods, And Embark On A Tasting Adventure is a superb introduction and guide for tourists and business travelers when dining, cooking, and eating in Peru. Providing readers with an excellent reference for all connoisseurs of hearty and healthy South American cuisine, Eat Smart In Peru contains helpful advice and resources for eating and drinking in a number of local areas of Peru, enabling the visitor to experience foreign foods and knowing what they are, unlocking secrets of Peru's exotic menus and markets with two bilingual glossaries, and how to get to the heart of the culture through their culinary arts. The newest addition to the "Eat Smart" travel guides, Eat Smart In Peru is enthusiastically recommended to all visitors of Peru, especially those searching for a reliable, portable Peruvian travel and food guide. "—Midwest Book Review

"Excellent. This latest title in the Eat Smart series helps travelers decipher menus and shop in the lively markets of Peru. There are so many options for visitors throughout the country, this book is the definitive guidebook for enjoying Peruvian cuisine. Includes tips on shopping in markets, a menu guide, helpful phrases and a list of helpful resources."—Ron Mader, founder

"Cutting-edge information for us foodies! People who love combining great food and travel make pilgrimages to Italy's Po Valley, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hanoi, Singapore, France's Lyon, San Francisco, Charleston, New Orleans and other shrines to fine cooking. Add Peru to the list. If you aren't aware that Peru has its very own fusion cuisine—very approximately like that of New Orleans with a blend of Indian, Spanish and African styles—plus contributions by Chinese and Japanese settlers, Eat Smart in Peru will open your eyes to yet another fine gourmet destination. Authors Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt are way ahead of the curve in discovering Peruvian cuisine. I was only aware of Peruvian chicken, based on a carryout in my neighborhood that serves this dish, cooked on a rotating spit over charcoal, with a rosemary-based spice shoved under the chicken skin, and a fine salsa verde on the side. Peterson and Soltvedt found a vast variety of other dishes, including curries, desserts and appetizers. A section on recipes includes Aji de Gallina, a chicken stew that I plan to try. In addition to the recipes, Eat Smart in Peru contains a history of the development of Peru's cuisine, a regional specialties chapter, a glossary of ingredients and menu guide. Finally, Eat Smart in Peru tells you how to shop in a Peruvian market and how to locate rare ingredients stateside. It's an easy read, with nice illustrations and a logical organization.—Jeannette Belliveau, author, "Amateur's Guide to the Planet"

"In Eat Smart in Peru author Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt remind us that food is the essence of a country's culture. Their culinary travel guide is divided into four main chapters. The first provides a historical overview of Peruvian cuisine, while the second discusses and describes signature dishes of the various regions, including the Andes, Lima and the South coast. Another chapter, "The Menu Guide." lists menu entires in alphabetical order, with some dishes highlighted as "national favorite" or "regional classic." This way, you won't return home and hear someone exclaim, "You mean you went to Peru and didn't try bolitas de yuca?"

Appetizing color photos and recipes are included. Eat Smart in Peru is part of the Eat Smart series by Ginkgo Press, publishers of other Eat Smart guides for Brazil, India, Mexico, Turkey and Poland. (Ginkgo Press, $18.95, 145 pages, softcover)—Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/13/2006

Blurbs about this series:

Highly recommended for all public libraries.—Library Journal

Lots of details on regional food differences and a healthy selection of recipes to sample before you go.—USA Today

The informative and engaging text is wonderfully illustrated throughout.
Midwest Book Review

Good references for the kitchen or to take on a visit.—Chicago Tribune

Authors' Bio:

Joan Peterson is the author of the Eat Smart series of guidebooks for travelers and cookbook lovers who want to get to the heart of a country's culture through its cuisine. She has traveled extensively for many years, and has led culinary tours to Morocco, India and Turkey. She is a founding member of CHEW (Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin) and is the director of the Travel Publishers Association, a group she founded in 1996.

Brook Soltvedt has traveled vicariously by editing the Petersons' culinary travel guides, but finally succumbed and spent weeks researching delicious foods in Peru with Joan Peterson.

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Photos of Authors

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Joan Peterson

Brook Soltvedt enjoys researching new foods.

Brook Soltvedt

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