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Hasidism on the Margin
Reconciliation, Antinomianism, and Messianism in Izbica and Radzin Hasidism
Shaul Magid

Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translations and Critical Studies
Elliot Wolfson and Barbara Galli, Series Editors

An exploration of Hasidism's radical stance on questions of faith, messianism, and antinomianism

Hasidism on the Margin explores one of the most provocative and radical traditions of Hasidic thought, the school of Izbica and Radzin that Rabbi Gershon Henokh originated in nineteenth-century Poland. Shaul Magid traces the intellectual history of this strand of Judaism from medieval Jewish philosophy through centuries of Kabbalistic texts to the nineteenth century and into the present. He contextualizes the Hasidism of Izbica-Radzin in the larger philosophy and history of religions and provides a model for inquiry into other forms of Hasidism.

"A major contribution to the study of Hasidism and Jewish thought." —Robert Eisen, George Washington University

Shaul Magid is associate professor of Jewish philosophy at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He is editor of God's Voice through the Void and coeditor of Beginning/Again: Toward a Hermeneutic of Jewish Texts.

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First Paperback Edition

Fall 2004

LC: 2003007232 BM
464 pp. 6 x 9

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