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Albert Camus
The Artist in the Arena
Emmitt Parker

"No free man is assured of his dignity in the face of such procedures. When base methods can lead to the imprisonment of men whose lives are already only a series of privations, then for all of us they amount to a kind of personal insult that it is impossible to bear."
—Albert Camus, defending Muslim workers convicted on the basis of confessions obtained by torture, later repudiated by the accused, 1937

The words of this principled French writer and philosopher, who was born in Algeria, ring strongly today. Besides being a novelist and a playwright, Camus was an active journalist, writing hundreds of articles and editorials for newspapers, such as Combat and L'Express, in Algeria and in France during the Resistance and postliberation periods. In focusing on these extensive journalistic activities, Emmett Parker brings into clear relief the figure of Camus as an artiste engagé and demonstrates the evolution, the development, as well as the profound unity of Camus's thought.

"If democracy is to have any meaning, it will find it here and not in high-sounding phrases. And one might even hope that the recognized innocence of the condemned men of Auribeau [the Algerian Moslems convicted on evidence obtained by torture] might help it to regain the lost time and prestige that one sided moral mobilization has already caused it to lose in this country."—Albert Camus

Emmett Parker was, when this book was published, an assistant professor of French at the University of Alabama.

This Wisconsin paperback edition was first published in 1966. It includes an appendix of selected citations in French by Camus, an appendix of articles and editorials by Camus, and a list of works consulted, which were mostly in French.

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the cover of Albert Camus is red, with a small black and white photo of Camus, in a suit and tie, in the lower right.

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Spring 2007

LC: 65-013502 PQ
262 pp.   6 x 9
English, with citations in English and French
ISBN-10: 0-299-03554-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-299-03554-9
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