Everyday and Prophetic
The Poetry of Lowell, Ammons, Merrill, and Rich
Nick Halpern

The everyday is what the prophetic poet focuses on, that is what fills him with rage, that is what he wants to transform.

Everyday and Prophetic is the first book to describe and analyze at length the prophetic voice and the everyday voice in postwar and contemporary American poetry. Nick Halpern's commentaries on the work of Robert Lowell, A.R. Ammons, James Merrill, Adrienne Rich, Jorie Graham, and Louise Glück, serve the reader with a fresh and original context in which to see their work, and Postwar American poetry as a whole.

"He is continually deft, precise, and responsive in his (often beautiful) readings of specific poems or of the movement of a given poet's career. His style is superb: economical, forthright, and dazzlingly imaginative. Halpern's book seems to me a major work on contemporary poetry."—Laura Quinney, Brandeis University

Nick Halpern is associate professor of English at North Carolina State University.

June 2003
296 pp.          6 x 9
ISBN 0-299-17340-2   Cloth $39.95s

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