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This is a listing of books related to Irish Studies and Ireland by the University of Wisconsin Press.

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Irish Studies interest titles:
listed in order of most recent publication

February 2010
A Nation of Politicians
Gender, Patriotism, and Political Culture in Late Eighteenth-Century Ireland
Padhraig Higgins

April 2010
Riot and Great Anger
Stage Censorship in Twentieth-Century Ireland
Joan FitzPatrick Dean

June 2009
Remembering the Year of the French
Irish Folk History and Social Memory
Guy Beiner

December 2009
Captain Rock
The Irish Agrarian Rebellion of 1821–1824
James S. Donnelly, Jr.

January 2008
Ireland's New Worlds
Immigrants, Politics, and Society in the United States and Australia, 1815–1922
Malcolm Campbell

January 2008
Tourism, Landscape, and the Irish Character
British Travel Writers in Pre-Famine Ireland
William H. A. Williams

March 2008
How Joyce Wrote Finnegans Wake
A Chapter-by-Chapter Genetic Guide
Edited by Luca Crispi and Sam Slote

August 2006
Wild Colonial Girl
Essays on Edna O'Brien
Edited by Lisa Colletta and Maureen O'Connor

February 2005
The Same Age as the State
Máire Cruise O'Brien
Co-published with The O’Brien Press, Dublin

February 2005
Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland
Martin Ingram and Greg Harkin

Co-published with The O’Brien Press, Dublin

April 2005

Old World Colony
Cork and South Munster 1630—1830
David Dickson

Co-published with Cork University Press and Attic Press

December 2005
The Bible War in Ireland
The "Second Reformation" and the Polarization of
Protestant-Catholic Relations, 1800–1840
Irene Whelan
Copublished with Lilliput Press, Dublin

April 2004
The Wee Wild One
Stories of Belfast and Beyond
Ruth Schwertfeger

May 2004
The Eternal Paddy
Irish Identity and the British Press, 1798–1882
Michael de Nie

May 2004
Joyce's Critics
Transitions in Reading and Culture
Joseph Brooker

May 2004
Locked in the Family Cell

Gender, Sexuality, and Political Agency in Irish National Discourse
Kathryn A. Conrad

March 2004
The Slow Failure
Population Decline and Independent Ireland, 1920–1973
Mary E. Daly

March 2003
New Directions in Irish-American History

Edited by Kevin Kenny

March 2003
Sinn Féin
A Hundred Turbulent Years
Brian Feeney

Co-published with The O’Brien Press, Dublin

July 2000
The Years of Bloom
James Joyce in Trieste, 1904–1920
John McCourt

January 1998
The Sensual Philosophy
Joyce and the Aesthetics of Mysticism
Colleen Jaurretche

July 1996
The Illicit Joyce of Postmodernism
Reading against the Grain
Kevin J. H. Dettmar

September 1995
Joyce's Waking Women
An Introduction to Finnegans Wake
Sheldon Brivic

May 1994
Molly Blooms
A Polylogue on "Penelope" and Cultural Studies
Edited by Richard Pearce

October 1994
Names and Naming in Joyce
Claire A. Culleton

December 1993
Joyce's Book of the Dark
Finnegans Wake
John Bishop

February 1985
Joyce's Catholic Comedy of Language
Beryl Schlossman

April 1970
The Mechanics of Meaning
David Hayman

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