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The Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference Discount Page

Use code SCMS23UWISC at checkout to receive 30% (or more!) off the following titles through June 15th, 2023.

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Cinema and Media Studies


Jean-Luc Godard
The Permanent Revolutionary
Bert Rebhandl
Translated by Edward Maltby

Spring 2023

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Cloth $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299341800 


Life and Afterlife of Swedish Biograph
From Commercial Circulation to Archival Practices
Jan Olsson
Fall 2022

Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299339906 


Continental Films
French Cinema under German Control
Christine Leteux
Fall 2022

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ISBN 9780299339807 


Colonial Tactics and Everyday Life
Workers of the Manchuria Film Association
Yuxin Ma
Fall 2022

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ISBN 9780299340209 

French Film History, 1895–1946: cover depicting a woman wearing a wedding gown and veil smiling. The photo is grainy and tinted blue. Behind her, a man's face takes up the entirety of the background, but it is so large and blurry that it is easy to miss. The title text is stacked in the center of the page.

French Film History, 1895–1946
Richard Neupert
Spring 2022

Book icon  Cloth $42.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299337704 

Making Hollywood Happen: cover showing two reams of film upon a purple background. The titles and author text is written in sans sarif white font.

Making Hollywood Happen
The Story of Film Finances
Charles Drazin
Spring 2022

Book icon  Cloth $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299337001  

The Film Music of John Williams: a black cover revealing a grayscale photograph of John Williams conducting. The title text is proclaimed in capitalized blue text with a thin line separating it from the red subtitle text. Photograph by Walter H. Scott. Design by Jennifer Conn.

The Film Music of John Williams
Reviving Hollywood's Classical Style
Emilio Audissino
Spring 2021

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299332341 

A Cinema of Obsession: cover art of Mai Zetterling working a camera in black and white.

A Cinema of Obsession
The Life and Work of Mai Zetterling
Mariah Larsson
Fall 2019

Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299322304 

Six Turkish Filmmakers: cover art of snowy train tracks, a person standing upon the tracks, their back to the viewer. A gray sky dominates most of the image, with a forest hovering on the horizon in the distance.

Six Turkish Filmmakers
Laurence Raw
Fall 2017

Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299315405 

Giant: cover art of a red, monochromatic photo of George Stevens wearing sunglasses, resting in a chair on set.

George Stevens, a Life on Film
Marilyn Ann Moss
Fall 2015

Book icon  Paper $26.95 $19.00
ISBN 9780299204341 

The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: cover art of a blue, monochromatic photo of Cy Endfield, leaning on the ground.

The Many Lives of Cy Endfield
Film Noir, the Blacklist, and Zulu
Brian Neve
Spring 2015

Book icon  Paper $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299303747 


I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History
Walter Mirisch
Forewords by Sidney Poitier and Elmore Leonard

Spring 2008

Book icon  Cloth $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299226404 

A History of French New Wave Cinema: cover art of a man and woman kissing, the photograph in black and white.

A History of the French New Wave Cinema: Second Edition
Richard Neupert
Spring 2007

Book icon  Paper $26.95 $19.00
ISBN 9780299217044 

Depth of Field: cover art of a black and white photo of Stanley Kubrick, cropped into a circle, set upon a background divided evenly with blue on the top and orange on the bottom.

Depth of Field
Stanley Kubrick, Film, and the Uses of History
Geoffrey Cocks, James Diedrick, and Glenn Perusek
Spring 2006

Book icon  Paper $27.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299216146 

Marked Women: cover art of a woman in a red dress standing in a doorway.

Marked Women
Prostitutes and Prostitution in the Cinema
Russell Campbell
Fall 2006

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299212544 

The Autobiographical Documentary in America: cover art of a man holding an umbrella, colored monochromatic green, standing in front of an industrial yard.

The Autobiographical Documentary in America
Jim Lane
Spring 2002

Book icon  Paper $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299176549 

Early American Cinema in Transition: cover art of a purple, monochromatic photo of a man wearing a bow tie standing besides two people with their arms locked around each other. The image is cropped to look like an image in a film reel, with an wrapped up film reel superimposed on its bottom right corner.

Early American Cinema in Transition
Story, Style, and Filmmaking, 1907–1913
Charlie Keil
Fall 2001

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299173647 


Magic Mirror
Moviemaking in Russia, 1908–1918
Denise J. Youngblood
Spring 1999

Book icon  Paper $19.95 $14.00
ISBN 9780299162344  


Lovers of Cinema
The First American Film Avant-Garde, 1919–1945
Edited by Jan-Christopher Horak
Spring 1998

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299146849 


Film Essays and Criticism
Rudolf Arnheim, Translated by Brenda Benthien
Spring 1997

Book icon  Paper $19.95 $14.00
ISBN 9780299152642 


Reconstructing Film Studies
Edited by David Bordwell and Noël Carroll
Spring 1996

Book icon  Paper $26.95 $19.00
ISBN 9780299149444 


Settling the Score
Music and the Classical Hollywood Film
Kathryn Kalinak
Fall 1992

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299133641 


Narration in the Fiction Film
David Bordwell
Fall 1985

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299101749 


American Film Industry
Edited by Tino Balio
Spring 1985

Book icon  Paper $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299098742 


White Heat
Edited, with an Introduction by Patrick McGilligan, Tino Balio, Series Editor
Spring 1984

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299096748 


Sea Hawk
Edited by Rudy Behlmer, Tino Balio, Series Editor
Spring 1982

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299090142 


To Have and Have Not
Edited by Bruce F. Kawin, Tino Balio, Series Editor
Spring 1980

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299080945 


Adventures of Robin Hood
Edited, with an Introduction by Rudy Behlmer, Tino Balio, Series Editor
Fall 1979

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299079444 


High Sierra
Edited, with an Introduction by Douglas Gomery, Tino Balio, Series Editor
Fall 1979

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299079345 


Jazz Singer
Edited, with an Introduction by Robert L. Carringer, Tino Balio, Series Editor
Spring 1979

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299076641 


Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Edited with an Introduction by James Naremore, Foreword by Tino Balio
Spring 1979

Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299076849