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An Emotional Gauntlet
From Life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies
Stuart J. Wright

Terrace Books


"A compelling story. Wright establishes the strong spirit these men shared, based on their pilot's pledge that he would bring them back—back from each mission and back to resume their peacetime lives. An Emotional Gauntlet stands out for its integration of prewar civilian life with wartime experiences. To me, this is the essence of America's story in the war, and I am glad to find a book that comprehends this and tells the story from this perspective."—Jerome Klinkowitz, author of Yanks over Europe: American Flyers in World War II

"Superb. I highly recommend An Emotional Gauntlet. The main thread, about the Corky crew, is terrific."—Martin W. Bowman, author of B-24 Liberator: Combat Legends and Wild Blue Yonder: Glory Days of the U.S. 8th Air Force in England 

"[An Emotional Gauntlet] describes each mission in great detail, including the D-Day invasion. It is very informative, descriptive, awesome . . . filled with humor, chaos, horror, and tragedy."—Harriett Gustason, Freeport Journal-Standard

Stuart J. Wright was born and raised in Norfolk, England—surrounded by the remains of former American air bases of World War II that dotted the countryside and inspired this, his first book. He has lived in London since 1990. Research for his second book has so far taken him across the United States and to Canada, Australia, China, and Tibet.

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The UW Press Terrace edition is not for sale in the United Kingdom, the traditional British Commonwealth—excluding Canada—and is not for sale in Europe. This book is copublished with Pen and Sword, UK, and is available through them in the UK, the traditional British Commonwealth, and Europe.

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Cover image

cover of Wright's book shows a painting of a B-24 in flight

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Author photo

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Images from the book

photo of crew during the war
The crew during the war

a photo of the crew today
Five members of the crew reunited in 1994

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