Advance Praise

Elizabeth Taylor: The Queen and I
Gianni Bozzacchi

"Brilliant, sensitive, Gianni always catches the soul."
—Elizabeth Taylor

"I so enjoyed this book by Gianni Bozzacchi about his friend Elizabeth. He thinks she's a blast of fun, and there's a hint of mischief that he sometimes caught that's fresh and spontaneous. In my favorite shot, she runs to the camera, her legs bare and strong, strangely revealed, a gleeful, slightly spoiled child-woman. In this collection of photos you feel her private thoughts, her love, her sadness often near the surface, and that survivor spirit, so admirable always in such an exposed and difficult life."
Jacqueline Bisset

"A stunning collection of intimate portraits. If you ever wondered why the world loves this woman, Bozzacchi's book will answer your question."
Roy Scheider

"This is a lush, lavish, and affectionate tribute to the face, the form, and a good deal of the jewelry of Elizabeth Taylor-an amusing homage to a certain sort of harmless and hugely entertaining movie queen excess sadly missing from our show biz world today. They don't make 'em like they used to, and this book proves it!

Personally, it brought me back to the high voltage years when I visited Elizabeth and Richard Burton on movie sets all over the globe—a Queen and her King, surrounded by courtiers currying favor, gossiping, whispering, placating the testy royals. It was always something of a surprise and a relief when Elizabeth eventually appeared—a cackling, swearing, earthy broad underneath the elaborate hairdos, the hot rocks, and the burdensome legend she had grown accustomed to without ever having asked for it.

If you're fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor—and who isn't?—you'll want this deluxe item on your coffee table."
Liz Smith


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