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Press kits for UW Press Authors

Press kits for some of our recent titles are available for the use by the media, for reviews, and for general publicity. For more information, call our publicity manager, phone: (608) 263-0734, email: publicity@uwpress.wisc.edu.

When press kits are available, they contain a downloadable web-ready image of the book’s cover and a larger, downloadable 300 dpi image of the cover for printed publicity. If available there also will be advance praise for the book, reviews, author photos—both web-ready and 300 dpi—extended author biographies, excerpts, and in some cases, photos or illustrations from the book, and links to author websites and blogs. Press kits can be accessed via the individual web pages for each title.

Press kits available:
Listed alphabetically by author or editor:

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Dwight Allen, The Typewriter Satyr
Jerry Apps, In a Pickle

Pamela Sisman Bitterman, Sailing to the Far Horizon
Merel L. Black & Emmet J. Judziewicz, Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region
Lucy Jane Bledsoe, The Ice Cave
Margaret Beattie Bogue, Around the Shores of Lake Superior
Dirk Burhans, Crunch!

Susana Chávez-Silverman, Killer Crónicas, Scenes from la Cuenca de Los Angeles y otros Natural Disasters
Paola Corso, Catina's Haircut
Paola Corso, Giovanna's 86 Circles
Dave Crehore, Sweet and Sour Pie'

Angela Davis-Gardner, Plum Wine
Tom DeMott, Into the Hearts of the Amazons: In Search of a Modern Matriarchy
William R. Drennan, Death in a Prairie House

Joyce Elbrecht and Lydia Fakundiny, Hearing by Jael

Will Fellows, A Passion to Preserve
Jean Feraca, I Hear Voices
Edward Field, The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag
Robert Booth Fowler, Wisconsin Votes

Marc Galanter, Lowering the Bar

Andrew L. Hipp, Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges

Justin Isherwood, Christmas Stones & The Story Chair

Raphael Kadushin, Barnstorm
Raphael Kadushin, Big Trips
Louis Kaufman, with Annette Kaufman, A Fiddler's Tale
Mark Kraushaar, Falling Brick Kills Local Man
Susan Krieger, Things No Longer There

Laurie Lawlor, This Tender Place
Stuart D. Levitan, Madison

Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco A. Scarano, Colonial Crucible
Tim Miller, 1001 Beds
Walter Mirisch, I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History
Jennifer Moses, Bagels and Grits

Agate Nesaule, In Love with Jerzy Kosinski
Neal Nicol and Harry Wylie, Between the Dying and the Dead

David R. Obey, Raising Hell for Justice

Joan Peterson, Eat Smart in Sicily
Joan Peterson, Eat Smart in Mexico, Second Edition
Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt, Eat Smart in Peru

Lev Raphael, My Germany
Sara Rath, Night Sisters
Sara Rath, Star Lake Saloon and Housekeeping Cottages
Matthew Rothschild, Democracy in Print

George Lucius Salton, The 23rd Psalm
Maureen Seaton, Sex Talks to Girls
Bart Smith, Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail
Lori Soderlind, Chasing Montana: A Love Story
Angela Sorby, Bird Skin Coat
Judith Strasser, Facing Fear
Benjamin M. Sutcliffe, The Prose of Life

Dale Van Atta, With Honor: Melvin Laird in War, Peace, and Politics

Stuart J. Wright, An Emotional Gauntlet