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Illustrations by Christopher Smith
“Dave Books writes with the spare, honest beauty of the northern Great
Plains, where he has spent much of the past forty hunting seasons chasing
pheasants, sharptails, Huns, and other upland species. Reading his
entertaining and informative stories will make you want to grab a shotgun,
whistle up your dog, and head out the door.”
—Tom Dickson, editor of
Montana Outdoors
Wingbeats and Heartbeats
is a wingshooter’s odyssey to the wild places where, at
the end of the day, the companionship of faithful gun dogs and good friends mat-
ters more than a bulging game bag.
In this sometimes humorous and sometimes poignant collection of essays,
Dave Books celebrates a time-honored connection to the land and the hard-
earned hunting rewards of an outdoor life. Through these essays, readers tag
along on adventures in the forests of Wisconsin and Minnesota, the fields of Iowa
and North Dakota, the prairies of eastern Montana and Nebraska, the mountains
of western Montana and Idaho, and the deserts of Arizona. Books also writes of
the game birds that hunters pursue and admire: grouse, quail, woodcock, doves,
chukars, Hungarian partridge, and other waterfowl.
A heartfelt tribute to the freedom and magic of the hunt,
Wingbeats and Heart-
is a book that has much to say about work and fun, success and failure, and
the sights, sounds, and smells of a day afield.
Dave Books
is an award-winning writer and former editor of
Montana Outdoors
He has followed his gun dogs through forests, fields, and marshes across the Mid-
west, Northwest, and Southwest for close to forty years. His stories have appeared
Pheasants Forever
Quail Forever
Ducks Unlimited
Sporting Classics
Gun Dog
The Upland Almanac
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184 PP. 5 ½ × 7 ¼ 10 DRAWINGS
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“Dave Books has spent a long
and happy lifetime hunting the
high plains of Montana and other
Western and Midwestern haunts—
and it shows in his new book,
seasoned with his wit, humor, and
wistfulness for the hunter, hunted,
and the outdoors.”
—Mark Herwig,
editor of
Pheasants Forever Journal
Of re l at ed int e re s t
Mark Parman
“Extremely rich and detailed. Parman puts
forth original and genuine experiences.”
—Richard Yatzeck, author of
the Edges
LC: 2010012963 SK 244 PP.  5 ½ × 7 ¼
E-BOOK $12.95 T ISBN 978-0-299-24923-6
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