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Brown Morning
Franck Pavloff

A best-selling allegory, written in protest when extreme right-wing politician Jean Marie Le Pen surged in popularity in France

You are living a fine life. You read the newspaper and play cards with friends. Gradually-things start to change. You are told that brown is the only acceptable color: if you have a black dog, put it to sleep. Buy a brown one. Add "brown" at the end of each sentence. Books are being burned. But you don't notice. People still go to cafes; you feel secure. You get a friendly new brown dog—how nice!

Only later do you realize that you have been a willing victim to a government that demands your conformity in all things. And by the time realization hits—it's too late.

Franck Pavloff's international best-selling allegory was written as a protest when the Rhone-Alps region of France leaned to the politics of the extreme right. Originally published in French, Brown Morning has now sold over 500,000 copies in Europe. It is a powerful wake-up call to all individuals to pay attention to what their governments are doing—and how they expect their citizens to think.

"A lucid starting-point for a debate on civic responsibility, diversity, and democracy, Pavloff's story deserves to become a classroom classic.
Review of Contemporary Fiction

Illustrated with brown-and-white graphics, this book includes the original French text, Matin Brun.

Franck Pavloff is a psychologist and a specialist in children's rights worldwide. He is a poet and author of many novels for adults and young readers and lives in Grenoble, France.

Copublished with The O'Brien Press, Dublin

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cover of Brown Morning is an abstract design mainly in hues of  .... brown

February 2005
32 pp.  5 x 7 3/4
7 illus.
Bilingual Edition: English and French
ISBN 978-0-299-20074-9 Paper $5.95 t

The Wisconsin edition of this international bestseller is for sale only in the United States, its territories and dependencies, Canada, and the Philippines.

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