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The Names of the Python: Cover depicting snakes lined up next to each other so closely that they almost blend into each other. Art by Dorothy Fitchew. Design by Distillery Marketing & Design.  Names of the Python
David L. Schoenbrun 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299332501 
Collecting Music in the Aran Islands: Cover of an abstract painting comprised of blue, white, gray, and some yellow and some red. It evokes images of waterfalls, boats, and shells, but there are no fine details. Design by TG Design.  Collecting Music in the Aran Islands
A Century of History and Practice
Deirdre Ní Chonghaile 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299332402 
Shaping Tradition: Cover showing a green background with a red circle on the left side that contains the title text. A photo rests along the bottom of the page that shows an Agwagune cultural gathering.  Shaping Tradition
Women's Roles in Ceremonial Rituals of the Agwagune
David Uru Iyam 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299334406 
We Remember, We Love, We Grieve: Photo of an aged wooden cross in front of a sprawling, grassy countryside. The land is obscurred by fog in the distance. The sky is gray.  We Remember, We Love, We Grieve
Mortuary and Memorial Practice in Contemporary Russia
Elizabeth Warner and Svetlana Adonyeva 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299330705 
The Gods of the Greeks: A terracotta relief of Aphrodite Pandemos holding a goat. The relief is superimposed over a black background. The stark white title text is above the relief on the black background.  The Gods of the Greeks
Erika Simon, Translated by Jakob Zeyl, Edited by Alan Shapiro with a foreword by Fritz Graf 
Book icon  Cloth $119.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299329402 
Eliciting Care: Two nurses in light blue uniforms each care for a row of patients in hospital beds made up with pink sheets.  Eliciting Care
Health and Power in Northern Thailand
Bo Kyeong Seo 
Book icon  Cloth $74.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299326906 
African Science: Cover art of a blue gray background with a soft white spiral made out of distinct, curved, rectangular segments emerging from the center of the page. Four African men stand throughout the bottom half of the spiral, facing different directions, all with one hand raised upwards. They all are wearing white, long robes. The title text is written in a striking orange, contrasting from the subdued tones of the rest of the cover, and is placed within the spiral, as if it were one of the segments that create it.  African Science
Witchcraft, Vodun, and Healing in Southern Benin
Douglas J. Falen 
Book icon  Paper $21.95 $15.00
ISBN 9780299318949 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299318901 
Senegal Abroad.  Senegal Abroad
Linguistic Borders, Racial Formations, and Diasporic Imaginaries
Maya Angela Smith 
Book icon  Paper $21.95 $15.00
ISBN 9780299320546 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299320508  
Of Beggars and Buddhas: Cover showing a drawing of a man pointing a bow and arrow at an older man in a tree. Three dogs bark at the older man at the base of the tree. The rest of the image is filled with trees and bushes.  Of Beggars and Buddhas
The Politics of Humor in the Vessantara Jataka in Thailand
Katherine A. Bowie 
Book icon  Paper $22.95 $16.00
ISBN 9780299309541 
Book icon  Cloth $64.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299309503 
Inari Sámi Folklore.  Inari Sámi Folklore
Stories from Aanaar
Tim Frandy 
Book icon  Paper $22.95 $16.00
ISBN 9780299319045 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299319007 
Songs of the Finnish Migration: Cover art resembles a stamped image of a ship at a harbor upon a blue background, with a cream border and a row of red stars, that match the red font of the title, towards the bottom of the cover.  Songs of the Finnish Migration
A Bilingual Anthology
Thomas A. DuBois and B. Marcus Cederström 
Book icon  Paper $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299327149  
Ole Hendricks and His Tunebook: Close-up of a figure wearing a black vest and bow tie and holding a brown-red violin to their chest with both hands. We only see the figure from collarbone to hip in front of a blue-gray background.  Ole Hendricks and His Tunebook
Folk Music and Community on the Frontier
Amy M. Shaw 
Book icon  Cloth $28.95 $20.00
ISBN 9780299328702 
Blood Brothers and Peace Pipes: Cover showing five overlapping circles, each filled with something different. One circle includes the title text atop a purple background, one includes the subtitle text atop a red background, and one inclues the author text atop a yellow background. The other two circles depict two men on horses going through a hilly main street, and a group of people meeting in a wide open common space in their village. Behind the circles, there is a cream background with a delicate, green outline.  Blood Brothers and Peace Pipes
Performing the Wild West in German Festivals
A. Dana Weber 
Book icon  Cloth $89.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299323509  
Striding Lines: Cover showing a close up picture of a quilt where three different block meets. One is dark blue with small, green lines going through it, one is green, and one is grey with a little quilt woman on it.  Striding Lines
The Unique Story Quilts of Rumi O'Brien
Bobbie Malone 
Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299325541  
Silenced Resistance: cover showing a blurred person holding a microphone. Intense splotches of red and green highlight the image. The title text is proclaimed in contrasting white text.   Silenced Resistance
Women, Dictatorships, and Genderwashing in Western Sahara and Equatorial Guinea
Joanna Allan 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299318406 
Flamenco Nation.  Flamenco Nation
The Construction of Spanish National Identity
Sandie Holguín 
Book icon  Cloth $44.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299321802  
Claiming Civic Virtue.  Claiming Civic Virtue
Gendered Network Memory in the Mara Region, Tanzania
Jan Bender Shetler 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299322908  
 Spirit Children.  Spirit Children
Illness, Poverty, and Infanticide in Northern Ghana
Aaron R. Denham  
Book icon  Paper $19.95 $14.00
ISBN 9780299311247 
Yooper Talk: Cover showing a black and white illustration of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Lake Michigan in between the two states. The northern section of Michigan is colored a contrasting red and filled with different Yooper slang.  Yooper Talk
Dialect as Identity in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Kathryn A. Remlinger 
Book icon  Paper $17.95 $13.00
ISBN 9780299312541  
Heinrich Himmler's Cultural Commissions.  Heinrich Himmler's Cultural Commissions
James R. Dow 
Book icon  Cloth $79.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299316501 
Folksongs of Another America.  Folksongs of Another America
James P. Leary 
Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299301545 
The Paradox of Authenticity.  The Paradox of Authenticity
Folklore Performance in Post-Communist Slovakia
Joseph Grim Feinberg 
Book icon  Cloth $69.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299316600  
Trauma, Taboo, and Truth-Telling.  Trauma, Taboo, and Truth-Telling
Nancy J. Gates-Madsen 
Book icon  Paper $21.95 $15.00
ISBN 9780299307646 
Expressions of Sufi Culture in Tajikistan.  Expressions of Sufi Culture in Tajikistan
Benjamin Gatling 
Book icon  Cloth $69.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299316808  
Black Fox.  Black Fox
Barbara Sjoholm 
Book icon  Cloth $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299315504 
Packy Jim.  Packy Jim
Ray Cashman 
Book icon  Paper $21.95 $15.00
ISBN 9780299308940  
Pinery Boys.  Pinery Boys
Franz Rickaby, Gretchen Dykstra, and James P. Leary 
Book icon  Paper $25.95 $18.00
ISBN 9780299312640  
If You Don't Laugh You'll Cry.  If You Don't Laugh You'll Cry
Claire Schmidt 
Book icon  Cloth $69.95 $30.00
ISBN 9780299313500  
City of Neighborhoods.  City of Neighborhoods
Anthony Buccitelli  
Book icon  Cloth $65.00 $30.00
ISBN 9780299307103 
Improvised Adolescence.  Improvised Adolescence
Sandra Grady 
Book icon  Paper $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299303242 
Ukrainian Otherlands.  Ukrainian Otherlands
Natalia Khanenko-Friesen 
Book icon  Paper $39.95 $28.00
ISBN 9780299303440 
Identity Technologies.  Identity Technologies
Anna Poletti and Julie Rak 
Book icon  Paper $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299296445  
The Last Laugh.  The Last Laugh
Trevor J. Blank 
Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299292041 
Trickster and Hero.  Trickster and Hero
Harold Scheub 
Book icon  Paper $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299290740  
Transforming Ethnographic Knowledge.  Transforming Ethnographic Knowledge
Rebecca Hardin and Kamari Maxine Clarke 
Book icon  Cloth $29.95 $21.00
ISBN 9780299248741 
Òrìsà Devotion as World Religion.  Òrìsà Devotion as World Religion
Jacob K. Olupona and Terry Rey 
Book icon  Paper $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299224646 
Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers.  Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers
Richard M. Dorson, Edited and with an introduction by James P. Leary 
Book icon  Paper $24.95 $17.00
ISBN 9780299227142 
Rituals and Patterns in Children’s Lives.  Rituals and Patterns in Children’s Lives
Kathy Merlock Jackson 
Book icon  Cloth $45.00 $30.00
ISBN 9780299208301  
So Ole Says to Lena.  So Ole Says to Lena
James P. Leary 
Book icon  Paper $21.95 $15.00
ISBN 9780299173746  
Wisconsin Folklore.  Wisconsin Folklore
James P. Leary 
Book icon  Paper $34.95 $24.00
ISBN 9780299160340  
Folklore Fights the Nazis.  Folklore Fights the Nazis
Kathleen Stokker 
Book icon  Paper $22.95 $16.00
ISBN 9780299154448  
The Wisdom of Many.  The Wisdom of Many
Wolfgang Mieder and Alan Dundes 
Book icon  Paper $19.95 $14.00
ISBN 9780299143640  
Oral Tradition as History.  Oral Tradition as History
Jan Vansina 
Book icon  Paper $21.95 $15.00
ISBN 9780299102142