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the logo for the Mosse Series is a white M and H stacked vertically, on a red circle, within a dark-grey box.George L. Mosse Series in Modern European Cultural and Intellectual History
Steven E. Aschheim, Stanley G. Payne, Mary Louise Roberts,
and David J. Sorkin, Series Editors

The Mosse Series promotes the vibrant international collaboration and community that historian George L. Mosse created during his lifetime by publishing major innovative works by outstanding scholars in European cultural and intellectual history. The Mosse Series publishes in three categories:

1. Books in the English language based on the biennial Mosse Lectures given by a noted scholar chosen by the Mosse Program Committee.

2. Outstanding original English-language manuscripts in European cultural and intellectual history, selected by a five-member Mosse Series Editorial Committee made up of faculty from the history departments at UW–Madison and the Hebrew University and a representative of the UW Press.

3. English translations of books in European cultural and intellectual history. The Mosse Series does not provide translation grants or subventions. The series Editorial Committee must approve the choice to include a translated book in the series and approve the quality of the translation.

Please send all inquires to Raphael Kadushin,

Advisory Board

Annette Becker
Université Paris X–Nanterre

Christopher Browning
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Natalie Zemon Davis
University of Toronto

Saul Friedländer
University of California, Los Angeles

Emilio Gentile
Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

Yuval Harari
Hebrew University Jerusalem

Anson Rabinbach
Princeton University

John S. Tortorice
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Joan Wallach Scott
Institute for Advanced Study

Jay Winter
Yale University

For more information about the Mosse Program in History visit

List of books published | General questions

A list of books published:
(in order of publication)

The cover of Marrus's book is red, with an image of the scales of Justice. The Perils of Normalcy
George L. Mosse and the Remaking of Cultural History
Karel Plessini
The cover of Marrus's book is red, with an image of the scales of Justice. The Enemy of the New Man
Homosexuality in Fascist Italy
Lorenzo Benadusi
Translated by Suzanne Dingee and Jennifer Pudney
The cover of Marrus's book is red, with an image of the scales of Justice. Some Measure of Justice
The Holocaust Era Restitution Campaign of the 1990s
Michael R. Marrus
Foreword by William A. Schabas
The cover of Wildt's book is white, with some blood-red photos of Nazi leaders.

An Uncompromising Generation
The Nazi Leadership of the Reich Security Main Office
Michael Wildt
Translated by Tom Lampert

cover of La Grande Italia features an Italian flag with the ghosted image of Italy superimposed. La Grande Italia
The Myth of the Nation in the Twentieth Century
Emilio Gentile
Translated by Suzanne Dingee and Jennifer Pudney
This book is based on the George L. Mosse lectures that Jan Assmann gave at the Hebrew University in December of 2004. As Assmann states in his introduction, this is a work "about the relationship between God and gods" but not primarily about the history of Biblical religion.  Rather he sees it as "the history not of monotheism, but of an idea, which he calls "the Mosaic distinction," the idea of an exclusive and emphatic Truth (with a capital "T") which sets God apart from everything that is not God and must not be worshiped, and which sets religion apart from what comes to be shunned as superstition, paganism or heresy." Of God and Gods
Egypt, Israel and the Rise of Monotheism
Jan Assmann

cover of van Rahden is a brown toned streetscape. Jews and Other Germans
Civil Society, Religious Diversity, and Urban Politics in Breslau, 1860–1925
Till van Rahden
Translated by Marcus Brainard
Carl Schmitt and the Jews
The "Jewish Question," the Holocaust, and German Legal Theory
Raphael Gross

The cover of Sarfatti's book is dark, with a collage of photos of victims of the Holocaust The Jews in Mussolini's Italy
From Equality to Persecution
Michele Sarfatti

A History of the Twentieth Century from Europe's Edge
Dan Diner


Nazi Culture
Intellectual, Cultural, and Social Life in the Third Reich
George L. Mosse

The cover of What History Tells is a color photo of George Mosse reading outside, with a cat. What History Tells
George L. Mosse and the Culture of Modern Europe
Edited by Stanley G. Payne, David J. Sorkin
and John S. Tortorice

Foreword by Walter Laqueur

the cover of Collected Memories is a collage of war-time photos. Collected Memories
Holocaust History and Postwar Testimony
Christopher R. Browning

the cover of Confronting History is a black and white photo of George Mosse in front of some academic pillars. Confronting History
A Memoir
George Mosse


If you have general questions about the books in the series, their authors, questions about ordering books, or text adoption, contact:

The University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Fl., Madison, WI 53711

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