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SubStance Annual Subscription Rates
for Volume 44, 2015

Libraries & Institutions:
      print & online $241
      online only $218
      print & online $66
      online only $56

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A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism

Publishing Editors:
Sydney Lévy, UC Santa Barbara
Michel Pierssens, Université de Montréal

David F. Bell, Duke University
Pierre Cassou-Noguès, Université de Paris 8
Paul Harris, Loyola Marymount University
Éric Méchoulan, Université de Montréal
ISSN: 0049-2426, e-ISSN: 1527-2095
Published three times per year: April, September, November


"…one of the most influential journals of theory and criticism in the United States." —Le Monde

"…a bold venture, high and serious in quality…highly recommended for all academic libraries offering work in language and literature…equally recommended to individuals interested in a contemporary and highly sophisticated approach to the study of literature."    —Library Journal


SubStance has a long-standing reputation for publishing innovative work on literature and culture. While its main focus has been on French literature and continental theory, the journal is known for its openness to original thinking in all the discourses that interact with literature, including philosophy, natural and social sciences, and the arts. Join the discerning readers of SubStance who enjoy crossing borders and challenging limits.


SubStance article wins The Schachterle Prize

The SubStance article "Electromagnetic Thought in Balzac, Villiers de l’Isle-Adam and Joseph Breuer" (by Kieran M. Murphy, SubStance, vol. 40 no. 2, p 127–147, http://sub.uwpress.org/content/40/2/127.full.pdf+html) was awarded The Schachterle Prize, in fall 2012. The prize was presented at the SLSA (The Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts) conference. Click here for more information http://www.litsciarts.org/decodings.php?eid=1222.


"David Mitchell in the Labyrinth of Time: Review of The Bone Clocks" and Preview of an Interview with the Author

As an online preview of a special issue of SubStance devoted to David Mitchell’s fiction, we are posting a review-essay of his book by Paul Harris and an excerpt of an interview with the author. The full interview will appear in the special issue in spring 2015.


Special Issues:
Celebrating Issue #100, vol. 32 #3
Contemporary Novelist Antoine Volodine, vol. 32 #2
The Politics of French Literary History, vol. 32 #3
Contemporary Thinker Jacques Rancière, vol. 33 #1
Special Section: Contemporary Novelist Lydie Salvayre, vol. 33 #2
Overload, vol. 33 #3
Jacques Derrida A Counter-Obituary, vol. 34 #1
French Cinema Studies 1920s to the Present, vol. 34 #3
Law and Literature, vol. 35 #1
Nothing, vol. 35 #2
The French Novel Now, vol. 35 #3
Italian Post-Workerist Thought, vol. 36 #1
The Future of Anarchism, vol. 36 #2
Henri Bergson's Creative Evolution, vol. 36 #3
Cultural Theory after 9/11: Terror, Religion, Media, vol. 37 #1
Waste and Abundance: The Measure of Consumption, vol. 37 #2
The Political Animal, vol. 37 #3
Ethics and the Inventive Work, vol. 38 #3
Spiritual Politics after Deleuze, vol. 39 #1
Pierre Alferi: Literature’s Cinematic Turn, vol. 39 #3
Graphic Narratives and Narrative Theory, vol. 40 #1
Plus d’un toucher: Touching Worlds, vol. 40 #2
Globing the Earth: The New Eco-logics of Nature, vol. 41 #1
Between the Essay Film and Social Cinema: The Left Bank Group in Context, vol. 41 #2
Gilbert Simondon, vol. 41 #3
Impact Boom! The Commodification of the University, vol. 42 #1
Does Literature Matter?, vol. 42 #2
Vulnerability, vol. 42 #3
French Cinema and the Crises of Globalization
, vol. 43 #1
Fabled Thought: On Jacques Derrida’s The Beast & the Sovereign, vol. 43 #2
The Archimedean Point in Modernity, vol. 43 #3


New in e-book format: special issues of SubStance

Sample content from SubStance, without a subscription. These ebooks, developed from topical, special issues of the journal, provide broadened access to the work of important thinkers and researchers who have applied their talents to topics of wide interest.

The Political Animal, Special Issue of SubStance, Issue 117, 37:3 (2008) Edited by Chris Danta and Dimitris Vardoulakis

Waste and Abundance: The Measure of Consumption, Special Issue of SubStance, Issue 116, 37:2 (2008), Edited by Susan Cahill, Emma Hegarty, and Emilie Moran

Cultural Theory after 9/11: Terror, Religion, Media, Special Issue of SubStance, Issue 115, 37:1 (2008), Edited by Robert Doran

Henri Bergson's Creative Evolution, Special Issue of SubStance, Issue 114, 36:3 (2007), Edited by Michael Kolkman and Michael Vaughan


Available on JSTOR & Project MUSE


The complete back run of all SubStance issues back to Volume 1, 1971 is available online at academic and public libraries and research institutions that subscribe to the JSTOR digital archive. Please click here to access SubStance through JSTOR.

Project MUSE

Online access is available as part of the Project MUSE collections. Please click here to access SubStance through Project MUSE.


Back Issues

Some back content for SubStance is available online as part of a paid subscription. Anyone may view TOC's, abstracts, and a free sample issue on our HighWire platform at sub.uwpress.org/. Single articles may be purchased online through the JSTOR archive or through sub.uwpress.org/.


Printed back issues may be purchased from the University of Wisconsin Press for $25 each for US addresses, $35 for international addresses. Call (608) 263-0668, or email  journals@uwpress.wisc.edu  to check current availability. For single copies of specific articles, click here.



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