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Titles distributed for the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS):
(listed in order of publication, newest first)

Anthropology Goes to War

Professional Ethics and Counterinsurgency in Thailand
Eric Wakin


Voices from the Thai Countryside
"The Necklace" and Other Stories
Samruam Singh
Edited and Translated by Katherine A. Bowie

Recalling the Revolution

Memoirs of a Filipino General
Santiago V. Alvarez
Translated by Paula Carolina S. Malay
Introduction by Ruby R. Paredes


Population and History
The Demographic Origins of the Modern Philippines
Edited by Daniel F. Doeppers and Peter Xenos


Face of Empire
United States–Philippine Relations, 1898–1946
Frank Hindman Golay


Sitti Djaoerah
A Novel of Colonial Indonesia
M.J. Soetan Hasoendoetan
Translated by Susan Rodgers


A Filipino Filmscript by Ricardo Lee
Ricardo Lee
Translated by Rofel Brion
Introduction by Soledad S. Reyes


After the Galleons
Foreign Trade, Economic Change, and Entrepreneurship in the Nineteenth-Century Philippines
Benito J. Legarda, Jr.


Inventing a Hero
The Posthumous Re-Creation of Andres Bonifacio
Glenn Anthony May


Lives at the Margin

Biography of Filipinos Obscure, Ordinary, and Heroic
Edited by Alfred W. McCoy


Putu Wijaya in Performance
A Script and Study in Indonesian Theatre
Edited by Ellen Rafferty


A Complete Account of the Peasants' Uprising in the Central Region
Phan Chu Trinh
Translated by Peter Baugher and Vu Ngu Chieu


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