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General information, catalog and brochure requests:
608-263-1110, Fax 608-263-1132, uwiscpress@uwpress.wisc.edu
Employment and Internships: employment and internships
Royalty information: jhahn3@wisc.edu

Professor examination and desk copy requests: see our textbooks page
Media review copy requests: publicity@uwpress.wisc.edu

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Subsidiary rights: rights@uwpress.wisc.edu

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The University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Madison, WI 53711-2059
Phone: 608-263-1110 | Fax: 608-263-1132 | e-mail: uwiscpress@uwpress.wisc.edu




Fax 608 263-1120

Interim Press Director, Lea Jacobs
Phone 608 263-1101, e-mail jacobs@wisc.edu
Management, university and community relations, grants and development

Accounting, Dave Stange
Phone 608 263-1137, e-mail dmstange@wisc.edu
Accounts payable, budget, financial reports

Office Manager, Jim Hahn
Phone 608 263-1128, e-mail jhahn3@wisc.edu
Royalties processing, payroll, inventory confirmations, mail & express, internships & volunteers

Subsidiary Rights and Permissions Manager, Anne McKenna
Phone 608 263-1131, e-mail rights@uwpress.wisc.edu

Permissions Coordinator




Fax 608 263-1132
Important: Prospective authors, please read our submission guidelines before contacting the editors.

Executive Editor, Raphael Kadushin
Phone 608 263-1062, e-mail kadushin@wisc.edu
Submissions in autobiography/memoir, biography, classical studies, dance and performance studies, film studies, gay/lesbian titles, European history, Jewish studies, Latino/a memoirs, and regional Wisconsin/Great Lakes/Midwest interest

Editorial Director, Gwen Walker
Phone 608 263-1123, e-mail gcwalker@uwpress.wisc.edu
Nonfiction submissions in African studies, anthropology, environmental studies, human rights, Irish studies, Latin American studies, Slavic studies, Southeast Asian studies, U.S. history, and regional Wisconsin/Great Lakes/Midwest interest

Poetry Submissions
Brittingham & Felix Pollak Poetry Prize Contest Guidelines



Fax: 608 263-1132

Sales and Marketing Manager, Andrea Christofferson
Phone 608 263-0814, e-mail aschrist@wisc.edu

Communications Director, Sheila Leary   
Phone: (608) 263-0734, e-mail: publicity@uwpress.wisc.edu.

When digital press kits are available, they contain a larger, downloadable jpg images for print. There may also be advance praise for the book, reviews, author photos, extended author biographies, excerpts, and in some cases, interior photos or illustrations from the book, and links to author websites and blogs. Press kits can be accessed via the individual web pages for each title.

Exhibits and Data Manager, Lindsey Meier
Phone 608 263-1136, e-mail lnmeier@wisc.edu

Advertising and Website
Phone 608 263-0733, e-mail advertising@uwpress.wisc.edu or webmaster@uwpress.wisc.edu



Fax 608 263-1120

Managing Editor, Adam Mehring
Phone 608 263-0856, e-mail amehring@wisc.edu

Senior Editor, Sheila McMahon
Phone 608 263-1133, e-mail samcmahon@wisc.edu


Fax 608 263-1120

Production Manager, Terry Emmrich
Phone 608 263-0731, e-mail temmrich@wisc.edu

Associate Production Manager, Carla Marolt
Phone 608 263-0732, e-mail marolt@wisc.edu

Compositor/Senior Editor, Scott Lenz
Phone 608 263-0794, e-mail sjlenz@wisc.edu



Fax 608 263-1173

Interim Journals Manager, Toni Gunnison
Phone 608 263-0667, e-mail journals.manager@uwpress.wisc.edu

Production Manager, John Ferguson
Phone 608 263-0669, e-mail jtferguson@wisc.edu

Customer Service, Rebecca Forbes
Phone 608 263-0668, e-mail journals@uwpress.wisc.edu

Journals Advertising Manager, Chloe Lauer
Phone 608 263-0534, e-mail journal.ads@uwpress.wisc.edu

Journals Marketing Manager & Books Marketing, Toni Gunnison
Phone 608 263-0753, e-mail gunnison@wisc.edu

Fiscal Clerk, Rebecca Forbes
Phone 608 263-1135, e-mail rlforbes@wisc.edu


This is the clickable image of the cover of Quinney's book, Once Upon an Island. This is part of the clickable image of Wyatt's book, And the War Came This is part of the clickable image of Wyatt's book, And the War Came