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Spring 2009 list
Listed in catalog order.

Democracy in Print
The Best of The Progressive Magazine, 1909–2009
Edited by Matthew Rothschild
ISBN 978-0-299-23224-5 Paper

In Love with Jerzy Kosinski
A Novel
Agate Nesaule
Terrace Books
ISBN 978-0-299-23130-9 Cloth

The Typewriter Satyr
A Novel
Dwight Allen
Terrace Books
ISBN 978-0-299-22990-0 Cloth

Death in a Prairie House
Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders
An Abridged Audiobook
William R. Drennan
As read by Jim Fleming on Wisconsin Public Radio’s
Chapter a Day® program
Distributed for Wisconsin Public Radio
ISBN 978-0-299-23230-6 Spoken word CD

The Presidents We Imagine
Two Centuries of White House Fictions on the Page, on the Stage, Onscreen, and Online
Jeff Smith
Studies in American Thought and Culture
ISBN 978-0-299-23184-2 Paper

Remembering the Year of the French
Irish Folk History and Social Memory
Guy Beiner
History of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora
ISBN 978-0-299-21824-9

My Germany
A Jewish Writer Returns to the World His Parents Escaped
Lev Raphael
Terrace Books
ISBN 978-0-299-23150-7 Cloth

Imaginary Friends
Representing Quakers in American Culture,
James Emmett Ryan
Studies in American Thought and Culture
ISBN 978-0-299-23174-3 Paper

Colonial Crucible
Empire in the Making of the Modern American State
Edited by Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco A. Scarano
ISBN 978-0-299-23104-0 Paper

Gay American Autobiography
From Whitman to Sedaris
Edited by David Bergman
Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies
ISBN 978-0-299-23044-9 Paper

My Diva
65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them
Edited by Michael Montlack
ISBN 978-0-299-23120-0 Cloth

Who Am I?
An Autobiography of Emotion, Mind, and Spirit
Yi-Fu Tuan
Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography
ISBN 978-0-299-16664-9 Paper

Conjoined Twins in Black and White
The Lives of Millie-Christine McKoy
and Daisy and Violet Hilton
Edited by Linda Frost
Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography
ISBN 978-0-299-23074-6 Paper

Bird Skin Coat
Angela Sorby
ISBN 978-0-299-23190-3 Cloth
ISBN 978-0-299-23194-1 Paper

Falling Brick Kills Local Man
Mark Kraushaar
ISBN 978-0-299-23080-7 Cloth
ISBN 978-0-299-23084-5 Paper

United Artists, Volume 1, 1919–1950
The Company Built by the Stars
Tino Balio
With a new introduction
ISBN 978-0-299-23004-3 Paper

United Artists, Volume 2, 1951–1978
The Company That Changed the Film Industry
Tino Balio
With an expanded introduction
ISBN 978-0-299-23014-2 Paper

Education and Democracy
The Meaning of Alexander Meiklejohn, 1872–1964
Adam R. Nelson
ISBN 978-0-299-17144-5 Paper

Entering Mentoring
A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists
Jo Handelsman, Christine Pfund, Sarah Miller Lauffer,
and Christine Maidl Pribbenow
Distributed for Itchy Cat Press
ISBN 978-0-9815161-1-0 Paper

Emerson’s Liberalism
Neal Dolan
Studies in American Thought and Culture
ISBN 978-0-299-22804-0 Paper

The Social World of Batavia
Europeans and Eurasians in Colonial Indonesia
Second Edition
Jean Gelman Taylor
New Perspectives in Southeast Asian Studies
ISBN 978-0-299-23214-6 Paper

Amazons of the Huk Rebellion
Gender, Sex, and Revolution in the Philippines
Vina A. Lanzona
New Perspectives in Southeast Asian Studies
ISBN 978-0-299-23094-4 Paper

The Tsar and the President
Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln, Liberator and Emancipator
Edited by Marilyn Pfeifer Swezey
Foreward by the Honorable James W. Symington
Introduction by Alexander P. Potemkin
Distributed for the Oshkosh Public Museum and the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation
ISBN 978-0-9787201-1-7 Paper

The Prose of Life
Russian Women Writers from Khrushchev to Putin
Benjamin M. Sutcliffe
ISBN 978-0-299-23204-7 Paper

Listen to the Land
Conservation Conversations
Dennis Boyer
Terrace Books
ISBN 978-0-299-22564-3 Paper

Sweet and Sour Pie
A Wisconsin Boyhood
Dave Crehore
Terrace Books
ISBN 978-0-299-23060-9 Cloth

Sunday Rides on Two Wheels
Motorcycling in Southern Wisconsin
Second Edition
Barbara Barber
ISBN 978-0-299-23024-1 Spiral Bound

Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region
A Comprehensive Field Guide
Second Edition
Merel R. Black and Emmet J. Judziewicz
ISBN 978-0-299-23054-8 Paper

Madeline Island ABC Coloring Book
Marcia Henry
Illustrated by Sally Parsons
ISBN 978-0-9817723-0-7 Paper
Distributed for Loon Commons Press

Wisconsin’s Foundations - Previously announced
A Review of the State’s Geology and Its Influence on Geography and Human Activity
Gwen Schultz
With a foreword by James M. Robertson
ISBN 978-0-299-19874-9 Paper

Under a Lucky Star
Roy Chapman Andrews
Foreword by Charles Gallenkamp
Afterword by Ann Bausum
ISBN 978-0-9768781-8-6 Cloth
Distributed for Borderland Books

Facing Fear
Cancer and Politics, Courage and Hope
Judith Strasser
ISBN 978-0-9768781-9-3 Paper
Distributed for Borderland Books

Hidden Agenda
Carol Chase Bjerke
ISBN 978-0-9815620-0-1 Cloth
Distributed for Borderland Books

Robert Schultz Drawings, 1990–2007

Andrew Stevens
Foreword by Russell Panczencko
Drawings by Robert Schultz

ISBN 978-1-933270-01-2  Paper
Distributed for the Chazen Museum of Art

Interactive Installation Art
George Fifield, Curator
With Essays by Judith S. Donath and George Fifield
Introduction by Joseph D. Ketner II

ISBN ISBN 978-0-9815208-1-0  Paper
Distributed for the Milwaukee Art Museum in partnership with ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art

Unmasked & Anonymous
Shimon & Lindemann Consider Portraiture
Introduction by Lisa Hostetler
Essay by J. Shimon & J. Lindemann
ISBN 978-0-944110-92-8 Paper
Distributed for the Milwaukee Art Museum

Mary Nohl
Inside & Outside
Barbara Manger and Janine Smith
Distributed for the Greater Milwaukee Foundation
ISBN 978-0-615-25118-9 Paper

Imperium and Cosmos
Augustus and the Northern Campus Martius
Paul Rehak
Edited by John G. Younger
Wisconsin Studies in Classics
ISBN 978-0-299-22014-3 Paper

Turkish Migration to the United States - Previously announced
From Ottoman Times to the Present
Edited by A. Deniz Balgamis and Kemal H. Karpat
Distributed for the The International Journal of Turkish Studies
ISBN 978-0-299-22294-9 Paper

The Image of the Poet in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Barbara Pavlock
Wisconsin Studies in Classics
ISBN 978-0-299-23140-8 Cloth

New Perspectives on Etruria and Early Rome
Edited by Sinclair Bell and Helen Nagy
Wisconsin Studies in Classics
ISBN 978-0-299-23030-2 Cloth

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