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Coming after Oprah
Cultural Fallout in the Age of the TV Talk Show
Vicki Abt; Leonard Mustazza
ISBN 0-87972-751-9 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-752-7 Paper

A Populist Assault
Sarah E. Van De Vort Emery on Popular American Democracy 1862–1895
Pauline Adams; Emma Thornton
ISBN 0-87972-203-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-204-5 Paper

Ferris Wheels
An Illustrated History
Norman Anderson
ISBN 0-87972-531-1 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-532-X Paper

A Common Spring
Crime Novel and Classic
Nadya Aisenberg
ISBN 0-87972-141-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-142-1 Paper

The Nightmare Considered
Critical Essays on Nuclear War Literature
Nancy Anisfield
ISBN 0-87972-529-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-530-3 Paper

Vietnam Anthology
American War Literature
Nancy Anisfield
ISBN 0-87972-395-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-396-3 Paper

Trouping through Texas
Harley Sadler and His Tent Show
Clifford Ashby; Suzanne De Pauw May
ISBN 0-87972-184-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-185-5 Paper is
out of print

Elizabethan Popular Culture
Leonard R. N. Ashley
ISBN 0-87972-426-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-427-7 Paper

American Nightmares
The Haunted House Formula in American Popular Fiction
Dale Bailey
ISBN 0-87972-789-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-790-X Paper

Private Eyes: One Hundred and One Knights
A Survey of American Detective Fiction 1922–1984
Robert Baker; Michael Nietzel
ISBN 0-87972-329-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-330-0 Paper

And Then There Were Nine. . .
More Women of Mystery
Jane S. Bakerman
ISBN 0-87972-319-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-320-3 Paper

Where Yoga LIves
John Ball
Foreword by S. Kriyananda
ISBN 0-87972-207-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-208-8 Paper

Comic Crime
Earl Bargainnier
ISBN 0-87972-383-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-384-X Paper

Cops and Constables
American and British Fictional Policemen
Earl Bargainnier; George Dove
ISBN 0-87972-333-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-334-3 Paper

Twelve Englishmen of Mystery
Edited by Earl Bargainnier
ISBN 0-87972-249-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-250-9 Paper

The Gentle Art of Murder
The Detective Fiction of Agatha Christie
Earl F. Bargainnier
ISBN 0-87972-158-8 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-159-6 Paper

Ten Women of Mystery
Edited by Earl F. Bargainnier
ISBN 0-87972-172-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-173-1 Paper

Future Females
A Critical Anthology
Marleen S. Barr
ISBN 0-87972-174-X Cloth

Blues of a Lifetime
The Autobiography of Cornell Woolrich
Mark T. Bassett
ISBN 0-87972-535-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-536-2 Paper

Pluralistic Approaches to Art Criticism
Doug Blandy; Kristin O. Congdon
ISBN 0-87972-543-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-544-3 Paper

Cheap Rooms and Restless Hearts
A Study of Formula in the Urban Tales of William Sydney Porter
Karen Charmaine Blansfield
ISBN 0-87972-420-X Cloth out of print
ISBN 0-87972-421-8 Paper

Reel Rituals
Ritual Occasions from Baptisms to Funerals in Hollywood Films, 1945–1995
Parley Ann Boswell and Paul Loukides
ISBN 0-87972-791-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-792-6 Paper

Dancing Fools and Weary Blues
The Great Escape of the Twenties
Lawrence R. Broer; John D. Walther
ISBN 0-87972-457-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-458-7 Paper

Heroines of Popular Culture
Pat Browne
ISBN 0-87972-408-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-409-9 Paper

Against Academia
The History of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Movement, 1967–1988
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-451-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-452-8 Paper

The Alabama Folk Lyric
A Study in Origins and Media of Dissemination
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-129-4 Cloth

Continuities in Popular Culture
The Present in the Past and the Past in the Present and Future
Ray B. Browne; Ronald J. Ambrosetti
ISBN 0-87972-592-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-593-1 Paper

The Cultures of Celebrations
Ray B. Browne; Michael T. Marsden
ISBN 0-87972-651-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-652-0 Paper

The Detective as Historian
History and Art in Historical Crime Fiction
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Lawrence A. Kreiser, Jr.
Preface by Robin W. Winks
ISBN 0-87972-815-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-816-7 Paper

Digging into Popular Culture
Theories and Methodologies in Archeology, Anthropology, and Other Fields
Ray B. Browne; Pat Browne
ISBN 0-87972-521-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-522-2 Paper

Forbidden Fruits
Taboos and Tabooism in Culture
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-255-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-256-8 Paper

The Global Village
Dead or Alive?
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Marshall W. Fishwick
ISBN 0-87972-771-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-772-1 Paper

The Guide to United States Popular Culture
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Pat Browne
ISBN 0-87972-821-3 Cloth

The Hero in Transition
Ray B. Browne and Marshall W. Fishwick
ISBN 0-87972-237-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-238-X Paper

Heroes and Humanities
Detective Fiction and Culture
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-370-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-371-8 Paper

Icons of America
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Marshall W. Fishwick
ISBN 0-87972-090-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-091-3 Paper -
out of print

Laws of Our Fathers
Popular Culture and the U.S. Constitution
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Glenn J. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-337-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-338-6 Paper

Lincoln in the Popular Mind
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-719-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-720-9 Paper

The Many Tongues of Literacy
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-559-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-560-5 Paper

Mission Underway
Edited, Revised, and Updated by Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-856-6 Paper

Murder on the Reservation
American Indian Crime Fiction
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-299-19610-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-299-19614-3 Paper

"A Night with the Hants"
And Other Alabama Folk Experiences
Collected and edited by Ray B. Browne
Notes by Carlos C. Drake
ISBN 0-87972-075-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-167-7 Paper

Objects of Special Devotion
Fetishes and Fetishism in Popular Culture
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-191-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-192-8 Paper -
out of print

Ordinary Reactions To Extraordinary Events
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Arthur B. Neal
ISBN 0-87972-833-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-834-5 Paper

Pioneers in Popular Culture Studies
Ray B. Browne; Michael T. Marsden
ISBN 0-87972-775-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-776-4 Paper

Popular Abstracts
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Christopher Geist
ISBN 0-87972-165-0 Paper
ISBN 0-87972-166-9 Cloth

Preview 2001+
Popular Culture Studies in the Future
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Marshall W. Fishwick
ISBN 0-87972-689-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-690-3 Paper

Rejuvenating the Humanities
Edited by Ray B. Browne and Marshall W. Fishwick
ISBN 0-87972-545-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-546-X Paper

Rituals and Ceremonies in Popular Culture
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-160-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-161-8 Paper

The Spirit of Australia
The Crime Fiction of Arthur W. Upfield
Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-402-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-403-X Paper

Popular Culture and Other Fields
Ray B. Browne; Marshall W. Fishwick
ISBN 0-87972-439-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-440-4 Paper

Stewards of the House
The Detective Fiction of Jonathan Latimer
Bill Brubaker
ISBN 0-87972-610-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-611-3 Paper

Dance of the Sleepwalkers
The Dance Marathon Fad
Frank M. Calabria
ISBN 0-87972-569-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-570-2 Paper

Popular Culture in the Middle Ages
Josie P. Campbell
ISBN 0-87972-339-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-340-8 Paper

Form and the Art of Theatre
Paul N. Campbell
ISBN 0-87972-279-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-280-0 Paper

Bigger than Life
The Creator of Doc Savage
Marilyn Cannaday
ISBN 0-87972-471-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-472-2 Paper

Al Capp Remembered
Elliott Caplin
ISBN 0-87972-629-6 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-630-X Paper

The Age of Sex Crime
Jane Caputi
ISBN 0-87972-385-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-386-6 Paper -
out of print

Goddesses and Monsters
Women, Myth, Power, and Popular Culture
Jane Caputi
ISBN 0-299-19620-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-299-19624-0 Paper

A Question of Class
The Redneck Stereotype in Southern Fiction
Duane Carr
ISBN 0-87972-722-5 Paper

Phenomenological Approaches to Popular Culture
edited by Michael T. Carroll and Eddie Tafoya
ISBN 0-87972-809-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-810-8 Paper

The Incredible Scream Machine
A History of the Roller Coaster
Robert Cartmell
ISBN 0-87972-341-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-342-4 Paper

Leon Forrest
Introductions and Interpretations
John G. Cawelti
ISBN 0-87972-733-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-734-9 Paper

Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture
John G. Cawelti
ISBN 0-299-19630-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-299-19634-8 Paper

The Six-Gun Mystique Sequel
John G. Cawelti
ISBN 0-87972-785-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-786-1 Paper

Snapshot Versions of Life
Richard Chalfen
ISBN 0-87972-387-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-388-2 Paper

Voices for the Future
Essays on Major Science Fiction Writers, Volume 1
Thomas D. Clareson, Editor
ISBN 0-87972-119-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-120-0 Paper

Voices for the Future
Essays on Major Science Fiction Writers, Volume 2
Thomas Clareson
ISBN 0-87972-135-9 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-136-7 Paper is still available

Voices for the Future
Essays on Major Science Fiction Writers, Volume 3
Edited by Thomas D. Clareson and Thomas L. Wymer
ISBN 0-87972-251-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-252-5 Paper

The Other Side of Realism
Thomas D. Clareson
ISBN 0-87972-022-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-023-9 Paper

The Terrible Fitzball
The Melodramatist of the Macabre
Larry Stephen Clifton
ISBN 0-87972-608-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-609-1 Paper

Mystery of Mysteries
Cultural Differences and Designs
Samuel Coale
ISBN 0-87972-813-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-814-0 Paper

Women's Life-Writing
Finding Voice, Building Community
Linda S. Coleman
ISBN 0-87972-747-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-748-9 Paper

Graphic Opinions
Editorial Cartoonists on Their Art
Edited by Jack Colldeweih and Kalman Goldstein
ISBN 0-87972-757-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-758-6 Paper

Phony Culture
Confidence and Malaise in Contemporary America
James Combs
ISBN 0-87972-667-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-668-7 Paper

Politics and Popular Culture in America
James Combs
ISBN 0-87972-276-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-277-0 Paper

Polpop 2
Politics and Popular Culture in America Today
James Combs
ISBN 0-87972-541-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-542-7 Paper

The Reagan Range
The Nostalgic Myth in American Politics
James Combs
ISBN 0-87972-565-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-566-4 Paper

Dime Novel Roundup
Annotated Index, 1931–1981
Michael L. Cook
ISBN 0-87972-227-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-228-2 Paper

Mystery Fanfare
A Composite Annotated Index to Mystery and Related Fanzines 1963–1981
Michael L. Cook
ISBN 0-87972-229-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-230-4 Paper

Popular Music Perspectives
Ideas, Themes, and Patterns in Contemporary Lyrics
B. Lee Cooper
ISBN 0-87972-505-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-506-0 Paper

Games in the Global Village
A 50-Nation Study of Entertainment Television
Anne Cooper-Chen
ISBN 0-87972-598-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-599-0 Paper

Dress and Popular Culture
Patricia A. Cunningham
ISBN 0-87972-507-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-508-7 Paper

Dress in American Culture
Patricia A. Cunningham and Susan Voso Lab
ISBN 0-87972-578-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-579-6 Paper

Rock Eras
Interpretations of Music and Society, 1954–1984
Jim Curtis
ISBN 0-87972-368-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-369-6 Paper

Alice and Eleanor
A Contrast in Style and Purpose
Sandra R. Curtis
ISBN 0-87972-625-3 Cloth

Baseball and Country Music
Don Cusic
ISBN 0-87972-857-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-858-2 Paper

Music in the Market
Don Cusic
ISBN 0-87972-693-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-694-6 Paper

The Sound of Light
A History of Gospel Music
Don Cusic
ISBN 0-87972-497-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-498-6 Paper

Cross Currents in the International Women's Movement, 18481948
Patricia Ward D'Itri
ISBN 0-87972-781-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-782-9 Paper

Tales From Wales
Leo Damant
Foreword by Herbert Davies
ISBN 0-94940-600-7 Paper

Advertising & Popular Culture
Studies in Variety and Versatility
Sammy R. Danna
ISBN 0-87972-527-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-528-1 Paper

Necessary American Fictions
Popular Literature of the 1950s
William Darby
ISBN 0-87972-389-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-390-4 Paper

Stephen King's America
Jonathan P. Davis
ISBN 0-87972-647-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-648-2 Paper

In the Beginning
First Novels in Mystery Series
Mary Jean DeMarr
ISBN 0-87972-673-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-674-1 Paper

The American Samaritans
Monica Dickens
ISBN 0-87972-699-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-700-4 Paper

Early American Almanac Humor
Robert K. Dodge
ISBN 0-87972-393-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-394-7 Paper

The Reader and the Detective Story
George Dove
ISBN 0-87972-731-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-732-2 Paper

The Boys from Grover Avenue
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Novels
George N. Dove
ISBN 0-87972-321-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-322-X Paper

The Police Procedural
George N. Dove
ISBN 0-87972-188-X Cloth

Suspense in the Formula Story
George N. Dove
ISBN 0-87972-455-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-456-0 Paper

Intertextual Encounters in American Fiction, Film , and Popular Culture
Michael Dunne
ISBN 0-87972-847-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-848-5 Paper

Memory and Representation
Constructed Truths and Competing Realities
Elisabeth Dena Eber; Arthur G. Neal
ISBN 0-87972-829-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-830-2 Paper

In the Eye of the Beholder
Critical Perspectives in Popular Film and Television
Edited by Gary R. Edgerton, Michael T. Marsden, and Jack Nachbar
ISBN 0-87972-753-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-754-3 Paper

Images of the Child
Harry Eiss
ISBN 0-87972-653-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-654-7 Paper

James Oliver Curwood
God's Country and the Man
Judith A. Eldridge
ISBN 0-87972-604-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-605-9 Paper

Silent Witnesses
Representations of Working-Class Women in the United States
Jacqueline Ellis
ISBN 0-87972-743-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-744-6 Paper

Buckeye Schoolmaster
A Chronicle of Midwestern Rural Life, 1853–1865
J. Merton England
ISBN 0-87972-695-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-696-2 Paper

A Social Gospel for Millions
The Religious Bestsellers of Charles Sheldon, Charles Gordon, and Harold Bell Wright
John Ferre
ISBN 0-87972-437-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-438-2 Paper

A Question of Quality
Popularity and Value in Modern Creative Writing
Louis Filler
ISBN 0-87972-077-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-078-6 Paper

Seasoned Authors for a New Season
The Search for Standards in Popular Writing
Louis Filler
ISBN 0-87972-143-X Cloth

Scepticism and Hope in Twentieth Century Fantasy Literature
Kath Filmer
ISBN 0-87972-553-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-554-0 Paper

The Empire Strikes Out
Kurd Lasswitz, Hans Dominik, and the Development of German Science Fiction
William B. Fischer
ISBN 0-87972-257-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-258-4 Paper

The God Pumpers
Religion in the Electronic Age
Marshall W. Fishwick; Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-399-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-400-5 Paper

The Agatha Christie Companion
Russell H. Fitzgibbon
ISBN 0-87972-137-5 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-138-3 Paper

Art Imitates Business
Commercial and Political Influences in Elizabethan Theatre
James H. Forse
ISBN 0-87972-594-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-595-8 Paper

Staying Tuned
Contemporary Soap Opera Criticism
Suzanne Frentz
ISBN 0-87972-537-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-538-9 Paper

William Styron
Melvin J. Friedman
ISBN 0-87972-071-9 Paper

The Essential Guide to Werewolf Literature
Brian J. Frost
ISBN 0-87072-859-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-860-4 Paper

The Monster with a Thousand Faces
Guises of the Vampire in Myth and Literature
Brian J. Frost
ISBN 0-87972-459-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-460-9 Paper -
out of print

Custer Legends
Lawrence Frost
ISBN 0-87972-180-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-181-2 Paper

Sundae Best
A History of Soda Fountains
Anne Funderburg
ISBN 0-87972-853-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-854-X Paper

Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla
A History of American Ice Cream
Anne Cooper Funderburg
ISBN 0-87972-691-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-692-X Paper

The Popular Culture Reader
Edited by Christopher Geist and Jack Nachbar
ISBN 0-87972-572-9 Paper
- out of print

Fantasy, Fashion, and Affection
Editions of Robert Herrick's Poetry for the Common Reader, 1810–1968
Jay Gertzman
ISBN 0-87972-349-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-350-5 Paper

Folksongs and Their Makers
Henry Glassie, Edward D. Ives, and John F. Szwed
ISBN 0-87972-006-9 Paper

Crime Fiction and Film in the Southwest
Edited by Steve Glassman and Maurice O'Sullivan
ISBN 0-87972-846-9 Paper

Crime Fiction and Film in the Sunshine State
Florida Noir
Steve Glassman; Maurice O'Sullivan
ISBN 0-87972-749-7 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-750-0 Paper -
out of print

Learning To See
Historical Perspectives on Modern Popular/Commercial Arts
Alan Gowans
ISBN 0-87972-182-0 Cloth

Charles A. Lindbergh and the America Dilemma
The Conflict of Technology and Human Values
Susan M. Gray
ISBN 0-87972-422-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-423-4 Paper

A Comprehensive Index to Black Mask, 19201951
E. R. Hagemann
ISBN 0-87972-201-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-202-9 Paper

"It Was Play or Starve"
Acting in the Nineteenth-Century American Popular Theatre
John Hanners
ISBN 0-87972-586-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-587-7 Paper

Go! Fight! Win!
Cheerleading in American Culture
Mary Ellen Hanson
ISBN 0-87972-680-6 Paper

Girls Who Went Wrong
Prostitutes in American Fiction, 1885–1917
Laura Hapke
ISBN 0-87972-473-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-474-9 Paper

The Blood Is the Life
Vampires in Literature
Edited by Leonard G. Heldreth and Mary Pharr
ISBN 0-87972-803-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-804-3 Paper

I Was a Cold War Monster
Horror Films, Eroticism, and the Cold War Imagination
Cyndy Hendershot
ISBN 0-87972-849-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-850-7 Paper

Paranoia, the Bomb, and 1950s Science Fiction Films
Cyndy Hendershot
ISBN 0-87972-799-3 Cloth

Family Matters in the British and American Novel
Edited by Andrea O'Reilly Herrera, Elizabeth Nollen; Sheila Reitzel Foor
ISBN 0-87972-745-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-746-2 Paper

Mutilating the Body
Identity in Blood and Ink
Kim Hewitt
ISBN 0-87972-709-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-710-1 Paper

Index of the Journal of Paleontology
Vols. 26–50 (1952–1976)
Richard D. Hoare; Mary Ann Hoare
ISBN 0-87972-145-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-146-4 Paper

Daytime Television Gameshows and the Celebration of Merchandise
The Price Is Right
Morris B. Holbrook
ISBN 0-87972-620-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-621-0 Paper

As American as Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie
Constructing Community in Contemporary American Horror Fiction
Linda J. Holland-Toll
ISBN 0-87972-851-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-852-3 Paper

Visions of War
World War II in Popular Literature and Culture
Edited by M. Paul Holsinger and Mary Anne Schofield
ISBN 0-87972-555-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-556-7 Paper

Life in the Shadows of the Crystal Palace 19101927
Ford Workers in the Model T Era
Clarence Hooker
ISBN 0-87972-737-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-738-1 Paper

Sixty Years of Journalism
James M. Cain
Roy Hoopes
ISBN 0-87972-327-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-328-9 Paper

The Defective Detective in the Pulps
Edited by Gary Hoppenstand and Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-235-5 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-236-3 Paper

The Dime Novel Detective
Gary Hoppenstand
ISBN 0-87972-213-4 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-214-2 Paper

The Gothic World of Anne Rice
Edited by Gary Hoppenstand and Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-707-1 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-708-X Paper

The Gothic World of Stephen King
Landscape of Nightmares
Edited by Gary Hoppenstand and Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-410-2 Cloth - out of print
ISBN 0-87972-411-0 Paper

In Search of the Paper Tiger
A Sociological Perspective of Myth, Formula, and the Mystery Genre in the Entertainment Print Mass Medium
Gary Hoppenstand
ISBN 0-87972-355-6 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-356-4 Paper

More Tales of the Defective Detective in the Pulps
Gary Hoppenstand, Garyn G. Roberts; Ray B. Browne
ISBN 0-87972-335-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-336-X Paper

From Moonshine to Madison Avenue
A Cultural History of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series
Mark D. Howell
ISBN 0-87972-739-X Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-740-3 Paper

The Great Art Hoax
Essays in the Comedy and Insanity of Collectible Art
John Huer
ISBN 0-87972-491-9 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-492-7 Paper

Hunting and Fishing for Sport
Commerce, Controversy, Popular Culture
Richard Hummel
ISBN 0-87972-645-8 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-646-6 Paper

Body Love
The Amazing Career of Bernarr Macfadden
William R. Hunt
ISBN 0-87972-463-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-464-1 Paper

Front-Page Detective
William J. Burns and the Detective Profession, 1880–1930
William R. Hunt
ISBN 0-87972-495-1 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-496-X Paper

Outsiders in 19th-Century Press History
Multicultural Perspectives
Edited by Frankie Hutton and Barbara Straus Reed
ISBN 0-87972-687-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-688-1 Paper

Intimate Communities
Representation and Social Transformation in Women's College Fiction, 1895–1910
Sherrie A Inness
ISBN 0-87972-683-0 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-684-9 Paper

Nancy Drew and Company
Culture, Gender, and Girls' Series
Sherrie A. Inness
ISBN 0-87972-735-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-736-5 Paper

The Dreadful Month
Carlton Jackson
ISBN 0-87972-205-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-206-1 Paper

Hounds of the Road
A History of the Greyhound Bus Company
Carlton Jackson
ISBN 0-87972-270-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-271-1 Paper

Picking Up the Tab
The Life and Movies of Martin Ritt
Carlton Jackson
ISBN 0-87972-671-7 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-672-5 Paper

East of Samarinda
Carl Jacobi
Introduction by R. Dixon Smith
ISBN 0-87972-441-2 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-442-0 Paper

Love's Sweet Return
The Harlequin Story
Margaret Ann Jensen
ISBN 0-87972-318-1 Cloth

Beatrice of Bayou Têche
Alice Ilgenfritz Jones
Introduction by Thomas H. Fink and Eva Gold
ISBN 0-87972-832-9 Paper

John Dickson Carr
A Critical Study
S. T. Joshi
ISBN 0-87972-477-3 Cloth
ISBN 0-87972-478-1 Paper -
out of print

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