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Fascism in Spain, 1923–1977
Stanley G. Payne

"The last word on Spanish fascism and the model study of fascism anywhere."—Robert Kern, coeditor of The Historical Dictionary of Modern Spain

"The definitive history of Spanish fascism from its birth to its death, incorporating all the available sources. No one is more qualified than Stanley Payne to write this book."
—Juan J. Linz, coauthor of Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation

Fascism in Spain, 1923–1977, by celebrated historian Stanley G. Payne, is the most comprehensive history of Spanish fascism to appear in any language. This authoritative study offers treatment of all the major doctrines, personalities, and defining features of the Spanish fascist movement, from its beginnings until the death of General Francisco Franco in 1977.

Payne describes and analyzes the development of the Falangist party both prior to and during the Spanish Civil War, presenting a detailed analysis of its transformation into the state party of the Franco regime—Falange Española Tradicionalista—as well as its ultimate conversion into the pseudofascist Movimiento Nacional. Payne devotes particular attention to the crucial years 1939–1942, when the Falangists endeavored to expand their influence and convert the Franco regime into a fully Fascist system. Fascism in Spain helps us to understand the personality of Franco, the way in which he handled conflict within the regime, and the reasons for the long survival of his rule. Payne concludes with the first full inquiry into the process of "defascistization," which began with the fall of Mussolini in 1943 and extended through the Franco regime's later efforts to transform the party into a more viable political entity.

Stanley G. Payne is the Hilldale–Jaume Vicens Vives Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His many books include The Franco Regime: 1936–1975; Fascism: Comparison and Definition; Spain's First Democracy: The Second Republic, 1931–1936; and A History of Fascism, 1914–1945, all published by the University of Wisconsin Press.

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  The cover of Fascism in Spain is illustrated with a black and white photo of a fascist march or demostration. There are military-style uniforms, one man wears jack-boots.

November 1999
614 pp.    6 x 9
48 b/w photos    
ISBN 978-0-299-16560-2  
Cloth $65.00 s
ISBN 978-0-299-16564-0  
Paper $29.95 s

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