Classical Studies / Art History


Discs of Splendor
The Relief Mirrors of the Etruscans
Alexandra A. Carpino

Wisconsin Studies in Classics
Richard Daniel De Puma and Patricia A. Rosenmeyer, General Editors

Mirrors of a splendid Mediterranean culture

The Etruscans, whose culture flourished in Italy from the late eighth century
B.C.E. to the first century B.C.E, produced some of the most sumptuous bronze and silver mirrors found in the ancient Mediterranean. Mirrors with relief decorations on their reverse sides are extremely rare and uniquely Etruscan. Their designs inform us about artistic styles and supplement our understanding of Etruscan culture and taste. The subjects illustrated on the mirrors give important insights into Etruscan mythology, beliefs, and cultural values, filling the vacuum left by the loss of most of their literary record.

"Closely documented and clearly illustrated, this is an excellent addition to the libraries of art historians and/or universities." —ART TIMES, December 2003, Mt. Marion, NY

Alexandra A. Carpino is associate professor of art history at Northern Arizona University.

Publication of this book was made possible by the generous support of the Dr. M. Aylwin Cotton Fund and the Warren Moon Fund.

This is the cover of Carpino's book Discs of Splendor. Its green with a photo of a Etruscan mirror.

October 2003
LC: 2003005652
208 pp.  8 x 10
120 b/w illustrations, 8-page color insert
Cloth $45.00 s
ISBN 978-0-299-18990-7

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