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La Follette's Autobiography
A Personal Narrative of Political Experiences
Robert M. La Follette
Foreword by Matthew Rothschild

“Direct, sarcastic, savage, jutting his powerful jaw at its most defiant angle, banging home his points until his fist sometimes trickled blood, ‘Fighting Bob’ was something to behold. The essential qualities of the man are all in this blunt, belligerent, rousing autobiography.”
—Eric F. Goldman, New York Times Book Review

Written in lucid, vigorous prose, Robert La Follette’s Autobiography is the famous Wisconsin senator’s own account of his political life and philosophy. Both memoir and a history of the Progressive cause in the United States, it charts La Follette’s formative years in politics, his attempts to abolish entrenched, ruthless state and corporate influences, and his embattled efforts to advance Progressive policies as Wisconsin governor and U.S. senator.
With a new foreword by Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive—the magazine that La Follette himself founded—the Autobiography remains a powerful reminder of the legacies of Progressivism and reform and the enduring voice of the man who fought for them.

Robert M. La Follette (1855–1925) was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, served as governor of Wisconsin, and was elected to the U.S. Senate, a position he held from 1906 to 1925. He was a founding father of American Progressivism and ran as the U.S. Progressive Party’s presidential candidate in 1924, winning one-sixth of the total national vote.

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December 2013

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1913 paper, Robert M. La Follette Co.
1960 cloth, UWP, ISBN 978-0-299-02190-0
1960 paper, UWP, ISBN 978-0-299-02194-8

“A political testament of great worth. . . . It was, and remains, a testimonial to democracy by one of its great champions.”
—John C. Colson, Wisconsin Historical Society

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