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Housing Demography
Linking Demographic Structure and Housing Markets
Edited by Dowell Myers

When the U.S. Census publishes its data for 1990, they will separate the information, as always, into two categories: population and housing. Too often, each category has been considered in isolation. Demographers have, for the most part, ignored the housing data, focusing instead on fertility rates and the structure of the household groups in which the vast majority of the population lives. Yet they have stopped short of investigating how the search for accommodation in housing units affects those households. Conversely, economists, geographers, and urban planners have explored the significant role housing plays in the national economy and in urban structure, but have rarely examined the demographic details of who lives in those units.

This volume is the first effort to give cross-disciplinary investigations of population and housing a definition and a common name: housing demography. Essays commissioned especially for the volume address four main issues: household formation and composition; housing choices; housing construction and inventory change; and spatial patterns and consequences.


From varied disciplinary vantage points, the authors explore the complex interactions between housing stocks and population dynamics. Several propose far-reaching conceptual models: neighborhood changes as related to life course changes in the population at large; the parallel between changes in the physical housing stock and mortality and morbidity processes in population analysis. Others concentrate on particular housing markets, such as Southern California, or on particular segments of the population, such as the elderly. Together they set the groundwork for an important new discipline.

Dowell Myers is associate professor of planning and development at the University of Southern California.

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January 1991
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